Chad Cooper
Selection: Summer Slam
The best show of 2010 for me hands down is in the Northwest. The members of Sittin Pretti host Summer Slam, a one-day event that if you haven't gone to, you need to. The show truly is one to remember with one-off trophies, great vehicles, and good friends - and the thousands of dollars in raffle prizes doesn't hurt either.

Jennie Hendrex
Selection: Lay'd Out At The Park
What an amazing show! Hands down, this was the easiest year selecting my choice for Show of the Year. Jeffrey Dillard, his amazing wife, and his crew threw one hell of a show that I won't dare miss, and neither should you! It's held in the early spring, so everyone comes out of the woodwork for this one - perfect weather, perfect location, and perfect people. If you can only attend one show in 2011, check this one out so you wont be sorry.

Monica Thompson
Selection: West Coast Nationals
Bob Hase and Sunset do a great job putting together this river run and show. I love the La Paz venue and the vibe. It's a one-of-a-kind event, especially since Reso is no longer around. Yeah, it's hot, but that's what the river is for! From the nighttime cruising, to the camping, to the sunrise boat wake-up calls, my vote for Show of the Year belongs to WCN.

John Mata Jr.
Selection: Showfest
I went to quite a few shows last year from coast to coast, but the one where I found myself having the best time at, despite the overnight flight delays and wet weather, was Showfest. Lots of people came out to support the returning show at its new venue, and having a full service, air-conditioned hotel and casino just steps away from the show is pure genius. I only get one or two opportunities a year to meet up with the friends I've made back east over the years, and being able to see them along with familiar faces from the West made the show that much better.

Club Of The Year
Brandon Burrell
Selection: Relaxed Atmosphere
I usually hate picking this category, but being that they host four shows, and have had a handful of cover trucks and numerous feature trucks this year, my vote has to go to Relaxed Atmosphere. That, and the fact that this is a great group of people to hang around at any event.

Jason "Pugz" Walker
Selection: Aftermath
Aftermath is taking my vote this year. Every show I attended where they were there, they always had a huge turnout of members, super clean trucks, and a good atmosphere around them. The Aftermath members I have met throughout the year have all been good people who are always willing to lend a hand to whoever needs it. They have had benefit shows and BBQs for other members in need, and have attended just about every show that I have seen.

Josh Fleetwood
Selection: Relaxed Atmosphere
Not only do we turn out some the nation's finest rides year in and year out, we give back, too. RA is now putting on four club shows a year, but also many members put on or help with many other shows in and around where they live, with proceeds going to numerous charities.

Adam Dobbs
Selection: Relaxed Atmosphere
I have chosen RA as Club of the Year. They always have some of the most cover quality and top notch rides year after year. Not only does this club make an impact in the scene with their quality vehicles, they hosted four shows this year: Relaxin' on the Bayou, Relaxin' in SoCal, Relaxin' at the Rock, and of course their grand daddy event, the All Star Event! That's why I have picked these guys and gals for Club of the Year.