MT Web Producer Monica Thompson
Selection: Irregular Cab
I'm a sucker for single-cab trucks - especially for this particular single-cab truck that Nissan never produced. Talk about the epitome of custom! The King Cab elimination, combined with 24s in front and 26s in back, stock floor bodydrop, Chevy small-block, killer paint, and sick interior all meant I pretty much had to give Irregular Cab my Truck-of-the-Year vote.

MT Art Director Chris Pasley
Selection: Irregular Cab
Have you ever heard that old saying "If you can't remember, it wasn't that important." Well, this is what struck my mind when Editor John Mata Jr. picked my brain for 2010's Truck of the Year. Here at MT headquarters, we see thousands of trucks fly on and off our desks every year and picking one single truck to carry this prestigious title is quite the challenging task. Without even going through previous issues to refresh my memory, one truck stood out to me the most from the past year. This was Ron Perkins July cover truck, the '05 Irregular Cab Nissan Frontier. This truck wins hands down in my book and is a true inspiration to a fellow Frontier owner.

MT Editor John Mata Jr.
Selection: Irregular Cab
Ron Perkins' Frontier has been one of my favorite trucks of 2010 since I first laid eyes on it due to its originality and stellar execution. Plus, I admire how Ron stood up and redesigned Nissan's own truck into a model they should've put into production.

Show Of The Year
Brandon Burrell

Selection: Relaxed Atmosphere All-Star Event
I am picking a show that I have never attended until this year, the Relaxed Atmosphere All-Star Event in Millington, Tennessee. I have tried for years to attend this show and after finally making it this year, I see what all the hype is about. I usually judge how good a show is by how many features I can shoot, and this one is up in my tops of all time.

Jason "Pugz" Walker
Selection: Tex Mex
Show of the Year in my eyes is Tex Mex. The Severed crew did a great job of handling the show and making it great. Despite the weather on Saturday and Sunday, people from all over flocked to the show for the full four days. Thursday and Friday were packed with people just there to hang out and enjoy some time on the lake. Even with a damn near-frozen hurricane coming through on Saturday morning, it didn't deter more people from showing up to play in the mud and wetness. I've said it all year and I'll say it now: best Thursday/Friday show ever. I'll be back next year for 2011 and every year after.

Josh Fleetwood
Selection: S.O.L
S.O.L in Joplin, Missouri. is my vote for Show of the Year. It may not have been the biggest show I went to this year, but it had everything and then some! Lots of cool trucks, tons of good people to hang out with, some really awesome contests and games that were played all weekend, some neato handmade trophies, and, oh yeah, the most crazy bikini contest many have ever seen. Many people are already talking about next year's show and if it can even be topped.

Adam Dobbs
Selection: Lay'd Out At The Park
My vote for Show of the Year goes to Lay'd Out At The Park. This year they pulled in more than 730 vehicles and well over 2,500 spectators - by far the biggest crowd that the show has ever seen! If you have not attended this show yet, mark your calendars for April 8-11, 2011. This is one you do not want to miss!

Mike Alexander
Selection: Summer Slam
I can't really say with certainty what the best show in 2010 was as I had to miss quite a few of the big contenders this year. But what I will say is that Sittin Pretti's Sumer Slam up in Washington is by far the most welcoming minitruck show in the country. It may not be the biggest event, but the great attitude of all the attendees and staff make for one of the best shows of the year, in my mind! Everyone is there to just have a good time and hang out with one another while showing off their latest mods, and it's such a great group of guys and gals. The Northwest really does it for all the right reasons and it shows!