Mike Alexander
Selection: Forbidden Fantasy
This year, as always, the best club is a tough call because there are tons of clubs out there doing great jobs at contributing positively to what we all know and love. But this year my vote goes to Forbidden Fantasy! Throwing one of the best shows in the country is no easy feat, and this year they also brought their first cover truck to the mix along with some amazing feature trucks that easily could have landed cover spots. These guys work hard every single year, and it's definitely their time to shine!

Chad Cooper
Selection: No Regrets
The Club of the Year for me is No Regrets. This family-oriented truck club has really come out full force this year with many features, cover trucks, and at every event they are there in numbers to support the minitruckin lifestyle. I look forward to seeing what this club can do next year.

Jennie Hendrex
Selection: Relaxed Atmoshphere
Relaxed Atmosphere is made up of some of the greatest guys and gals you will ever meet. Plus, you just can't escape them. They are literally everywhere at every show, in every magazine, and are all over the map. With four killer shows to their name each year, if you can't make at least one, your mama took your car keys. Amazing rides built by amazing people - you just can't ask for more.

Monica Thompson
Selection: No Club
I don't have a Club-of-the-Year vote. My props go out to all of you who aren't in clubs. Perhaps your club is your family, neighbor, or spontaneous group of friends. There's nothing wrong with that! Club affiliation does not make you any more or less of a minitrucker.

Chris Pasley
Selection: Relaxed Atmosphere
Truck clubs are not just a group of friends helping each other build their custom cruisers, or are they? Yes, this is true for the average truck club, but sometimes there is a club that goes above and beyond the rest. These clubs have the most dedicated members, host the best shows, and roll the baddest rides to events all across the USA and abroad. Relaxed Atmosphere is at the top of the list of all these things. I commend the club and can't wait to see what they have in store for us next year.

John Mata
Selection: Tie between Assorted Minis and Mini Madness
2010 marked a big year for both clubs, as they faced adversity and did their best to give the people what they wanted. Assorted resurrected Showfest, a show that is held so dear among those who had the opportunity to enjoy it in Greenville. Mini Madness moved Slamfest this year - a show that celebrated its 19th birthday in 2010 - from Tampa to Gainesville, Florida, which was not a relocation that was taken lightly. With local government looking to line their pockets even more and mico-management from the previous showgrounds increasing with each passing year, the show became more difficult to organize. Instead of throwing in the towel, these two clubs stood up tall and stared down a slow economy and overall hard times by preserving two key events in the minitruck community.