Mini Truckin's Year In Review
With another editorial year behind us, and the actual calendar year almost up, we picked our brains, as well as those of our freelance writers from across the country, to vote for the trucks, shows, and clubs that rose to the top in 2010.

As always, it was tough for each and every one of us to select just one "Best Of" from each category, because 2010 proved to be another great year for the minitruckin' community. Congrats to all who took home the top picks, and much respect to all those who weren't mentioned in the following pages. Thanks to all for an unforgettable year.

We'd like to open up the polls to our readers as well, so please cast your votes for the candidates on our online poll being held at

Without further ado, here are our top selections for 2010. Drumroll please....

Truck Of The Year
Freelancer: Brandon Burrell
Selection: Twisted Metal
Picking this year's top truck award was pretty easy. My vote goes to Dave Prater's '82 Toyota/Blazer Twisted Metal. Being this is one of those iconic trucks, it was a no brainer that I picked it. It is truly one of the craziest builds ever done.

Freelancer: Jason "Pugz" Walker
Selection: Irregular Cab
This year, I'd have to go with Ron Perkins' 1995 Nissan Frontier Irregular Cab. The build quality, the amount of mods, and the crazy suspension setup all equal a build to remember. There aren't too many people willing to cut off the entire extended cab part of their truck, then take the time to finish it out and make it look finished the way the factory should have made it. The truck as a whole is awesome and will always be known as the first, if not the only, regular cab second-gen Frontier to ever be built.

Freelancer: Josh Fleetwood
Selection: Barone's '00 Ranger
I selected Pascal Barone's green 2000 Ford Ranger from the April issue. OK, I know it's not finished but this Ranger is just bad! The engine compartment is a work of art, and with different old-school touches all over the truck, any minitrucker or street rodder would love to have this quality of work done to their ride. I may be a sucker for V-8s and billet wheels, but I know I can't wait to see this Ranger finished up some day.

Freelancer: Adam Dobbs
Selection: Twisted Metal
This one was a tough decision for me, but I chose Twisted Metal. Like many other people, I chose this truck because for the past 15 or so years I have seen pictures of this truck and always wanted to see it completed. The truck was finally finished and it is truly a piece of Mini Truckin' history!

Former MT Editor Mike Alexander
Selection: Twisted Metal
When it comes to picking the very best cover truck, it's always a tough decision. But this year there's one truck among all the others that might not be the craziest, but it certainly holds a ton of history and meaning for me and many other West Coast minitruckers who were around through the '90s show scene. Twisted Metal holds a special place in my heart and it was super cool to see Dave bring Bob Grant's original creation back to life! As I type this, I hear the Toy Blazer might just be making another comeback with a completely new rebuild, so keep your eyes peeled!

Former MT Staffer Chad Cooper
Selection: Irregular Cab
Ron Perkins stepped out of the creative box when he created Irregular Cab, the standard cab Nissan never built. Ron did an amazing job creating this truck that was never meant to be, and for that this cover truck has my vote for the best feature truck of 2010.

Freelancer: Jennie Hendrex
Selection: William "B.J." Boden's '84 Ford Bronco II Flat Ford
OK, now everyone knows that in the past I have only voted for Toyotas since I am a huge fan. However, this year I had to stray to vote for what I thought was one of the baddest things I saw all year. I had the privilege of seeing this in person and it is stunning. I would drive the wheels off it. Great job!