Recently, the Mini Truckin' staff was surprised to hear the news that Editor Mike Alexander was ready to start a new chapter in his life and step down from his position with the magazine.

Mike has been the identity of this publication as well as a key player in the community for many years now.

With that said, I am currently experiencing a case of being in the right place at the right time. Mike has handed me the controls of day-to-day operations, but he will still continue to make contributions from time to time, so this isn't a final farewell by any means. As for the rest of the Mini Truckin' staff, Managing Editor Kevin Hagan and Art Director Chris Pasley remain in place and are looking forward to shaping your favorite custom magazine to read and look its very best.

Since I keep a pretty low profile, I guess it's only fair of me to disclose a little of my dirt. Over the last few years, I've had an interesting connection with Mini Truckin' magazine. I went from subscriber to intern overnight during the summer of '07 (thanks to Eddy Cebreco for setting up an interview with Alexander and Macias and deciding to take a chance on an unknown guy who came to the Mini Truckin' HQ decked out in slacks, a tie, and shiny shoes). Over the three-month internship, I did everything from serving as personal errand boy to writing small stories for the mag, but no matter how menial and degrading the chore was, I never complained. I was simply in awe of being inside the sacred chapel of minitrucks, and there was nowhere else I'd have wanted to be.

After serving my time as an unpaid yet highly appreciative scrub, I spent a year as an editorial assistant with our sister motorcycle publications before being called up the big show. I've been serving as the associate editor for Truckin' magazine for a little over two years now while also assisting Mike with feature writing this year. As a newly appointed, full-time member of the MT crew, I can honestly say that I've been lucky enough to end up right where I started, and it feels pretty damn good.

Let's all take a minute to thank Mike for the great job he's done over the years. Cheers to the Mini Truckin' of the past and present, and to its bright and promising future. Good luck in your endeavors, Mike, and always know you'll always have a home on these pages.