Minitruckin' as a hobby/lifestyle is nothing new. Guys have been lowering trucks since the '70s, but one thing minitruckin' has always been is primarily a "young guy" hobby.

Some might even say it started out as a poor man's hobby. Think about it: Back in the day, all you needed was to turn your torsions down and install some blocks, and just like that, you were a minitrucker. People weren't planning on throwing big bucks at these trucks when it started, and going to shows was a weekend and local thing.

Of course things have changed, and these days building a topnotch truck isn't cheap by any means. Guys are throwing thousands of dollars at trucks worth a fraction of the amount spent. But unlike other car cultures, ours has never gone mainstream and it may never happen. Take a look at lowriders. They've been around for much longer and can be seen on TV and in countries all over the world. Many of the USA's finest lowriders have jumped onto boats and traveled to showcase the best of the best in shows throughout the world, mainly because these guys have money, but you do see young and old alike building some topnotch cars. But in the case of minitrucks (even though, yes, we have invaded other countries), we haven't been on much "real" TV, and we haven't traveled oceans to get to the biggest shows-that is until now!

This year, for the first time ever, an American minitrucker and his truck have been invited to partake in one of the biggest shows in Japan. The Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom Show will take place on December 5, 2010, and Steve Wilk with Green Inspiration, this month's cover truck, will be in attendance. Now this is no small task. First, the truck will be torn down and completely detailed to be ready and prepped for the indoor show. Then it will be shipped to Japan by sea in a process that takes up to two months. The truck will be in Japan for a few weeks, then it has to be shipped back. So, Steve will make a huge sacrifice by giving up his truck for months on end to represent for his country and his club. As a member of the same truck club and as an American minitruckin' enthusiast, I'm very excited for this moment and I plan on attending the show to show my support for the truck, my friend, and the scene in general.

Look for more updates and pictures of the truck in future issues as it gets prepared for and goes to Japan in a historic event representing for all the minitruckers worldwide!