One thing that a lot of people don't know about Brian is that he actually loves sheetmetal fab just as much as his airbrush and artwork. "I think metal shaping is just as much of an art, and I have mad respect for those who have mastered it-Bob Grant, you the man!"

He takes influence from many other genres like Nick Crouch and his stunning digital art, Steve "The Wizard" and his killer line work, and Dru Blair's photorealism work is something that Brian strives for. Artists like H.R. Giger and others influence Brian's work, but as a fellow minitrucker his love for true "minitruck art" is the greatest of all. And as such, Brian wanted to give a shout out to all of the fellow minitruck painters out there putting out badass work, including Keef's Rod & Custom, Sik Kreations, The Kid, Moonshine Customs, Painter Shak, and Jones Paint as they all "inspire me, and we inspire each other to keep pushing the limits."

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Artist Lowdown
Name: Brian "Lost Cause" Walker
Shop Name: Lost Cause Kustom Paint & Graffix
Fulltime Artist Since: 2005
Media: Airbrushing, pinstriping, drawing, painting, sheetmetal, you name it
Phone Number: (951) 723-7077
Main Style: Photorealistic airbrushing