Brian "Lost Cause" Walker is one of the lucky few who have turned their passion into a career. But as anyone who's accomplished this task can tell you, it's not easy.

He started off just doodling and drawing as a kid, and art took hold of him. By the time his school years came and went, Brian had turned in more drawings then actual school work, so he decided to pursue his passion full-time. Since his early Hot Wheels days Brian has been into minitrucks, but like most of us he didn't have the dough to drop his project off at the nearest shop and sign a check. He knew he wanted something more and began to practice turning his art into a career.

After spending a few grueling years practicing on anything he could get his hands on, Brian finally felt comfortable enough to take on some paid work. A few side jobs later, and Lost Cause Kustom Paint & Graffix was born. In 2005 his first feature was painted in his basement, but since then he has come a long way. Brian picked up clientele beyond just the "buddy referrals" and soon decided to move from California to Tennessee to open his own full-service custom automotive paint shop.

When asked to describe his style of work Brian responds, "Hmm... I kind of have my own style really. I guess that's why I'm a 'lost cause.' I love all art and am inspired by most of it. Although I am really into photorealism, mostly photorealistic airbrushing, I pride myself in micro-detail. I think that overall, I tend to prefer things that are simple and clean from a distance, yet insanely detailed up close. I'm also a flake whore, ha ha! I swear I'm mesmerized by its sparkle when it's buried under a nice candy."