Q. Ever been in a Harrah's margarita chugging contest?
A: When we were in the Harrah's casino in Laughlin, Nevada, hanging out in the bar, a buddy of mine bet anyone there that they couldn't drink this big ass margarita which had half a fifth of tequila in each one. So of course I stepped up and said I can do it and faster. So, me and Captain from NC began a drinking contest. It was neck and neck till the very end when I had a second wind and finished just ahead of him. I was happy for 5 or so minutes then I went from fine to hammered drunk really fast. My pocket full of Rolaids quit helping me so I ran to the bathroom to "super model." OK, so drunk but good again, I go back to the bar and ordered another one. And that was it, I don't remember anything else. If someone can fill me in on the rest of the night, please do. Also I've got to give Captain some props-he didn't puke and made it the rest of the night.

Q. Do you have any female fans in prison? How do you acquire fans in lockdown?
A: We did a shop shoot for Lowrider magazine, and a couple of weeks after the article came out Bill came into the office about to fall over laughing. He hands me this letter handwritten by a woman in jail. It opened something like: "This is for the big guy in the photo" (a picture of me was circled), and it goes on to tell me she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and she is getting out soon so can we hook up. I'm just glad it wasn't a guy who wrote it or I never would have heard the end of it. She is still brought up at random times to mess with me. I do mess with my wife about it telling her if she doesn't act right, I'll call up my prison lover.

Q. We've all had our days when we were cheated by a fart, but we hear your story goes much deeper?
A: Damn... I knew this one was coming. So we're in Laughlin at the CGS show and Daddy, Lonnie, Tim, and a couple others go out on Daddy's new boat for the maiden voyage. We head downstream to Havasu, and it started getting dark so we headed back up river. All of a sudden we run out of gas and the river starts to push us back downstream. Some cops come up and ask us where we launched from, and it turns out they can't help because we launched from an Indian reservation. So we continued to float away from the marina back toward Havasu. We left at 11 a.m. and now it is 2 a.m. and I really had to go to the bathroom. So I go out on the transom and drop trou and start to go when we hit something. I got pushed forward and everything dropped on my pants. Daammnn... I had to wash my pants off in 40-degree water, so there was no putting them back on. I'm sure you're asking, "What about toilet paper?" Well, one of the guys with us was passed out so I grabbed his socks. The next morning a boat gets us gas and we make it to the marina and fill up again. Cruising along all day, and we run out of gas again, this time looking at the show grounds. I finally said screw this and jumped out and swam to shore. We ended up making it back to the show at 10 a.m. the next day, and I was still in my boxers gambling with Tim for a couple of hours. I could write a whole article about this trip, so if you ever want more details hit me up at a show.

Q. Can you tell us what the MRFC is?
A: This is from my friends who love to give me a hard time. It is the Mitch Rall Fan Club. Thank you Trae, Andrew, Rob, Rafa, Daryl, and so many others for this one. Even though they give me hell, I'm glad to be surrounded by such good friends.

Q. Ever have an accident when you tried to jump on a bed at a hotel?
A: Well, to make a long story short, I had maybe one too many to drink and thought I would get a buddy back who went to bed a little early. So we get his room open and see him lying in the bed. In my state of drunkenness, I think it would be cool to jump on him. So, I take a couple of steps and jump, and the next thing I know I'm on the ground halfway under the other bed. I didn't even touch his bed. The best part of this story is the buddy I was trying to jump on got a different surprise in the middle of the night. The dude he was sharing the bed with had a little accident and it went all over him. There are now two guys with new nicknames from the Border Bash show.

Q: After being the fastest-growing show and winning Show of the Year, what are your plans for Tex Mex?
A: For the last couple of years we talked about turning Tex Mex into a week-long event (Bike Week style), but we felt it was going to be too much too soon. But it was brought up on Streetsource, and has us thinking about doing it. It might be something we try for next year's show-we will see.

Q. That wasn't too painful, now was it? So who do you want to thank?
A: I have to say thanks to my wife Molly and two kids Natalie and Robert for all their support and understanding and my parents for allowing me to do something different and supporting me 100%. All the guys at Ekstensive. Severed Ties, Tex Mex staff, KIK, Rolaids, Patron, and everyone else who makes it possible for guys like me to do what we do.