So it seems like I said last month, the positive is contagious! Not only have we gotten a ton of great responses from the last few issues and shows, but everything around us has seemed to turn from doom and gloom to bright and sunny.

I'm not just talking about a change in the weather and the economy, but a change in people, answered prayers, life, and good friends finding true happiness!

This last weekend, my buddy Johnny O and I had a joint b-day party and house-warming party at John's new pad. Now, in the past, getting us together for an entire night of "celebrating" is a possible recipe for disaster with a dash of unknown and a sprinkle of cops and hangovers. But we've all come a long way from the "good ol' days," and I'm beginning to think that the days we are living now, are actually becoming the GOOD ones! After an amazing night of celebration with close friends, the night was highlighted by and topped off with John getting down on one knee and proposing to the love of his life. I know, I know, there's been way too much mushy stuff in Draggin' Thru as of late, but what can I say? I'm just super stoked that all of my closest friends are finding the same happiness that I have now.

John and I have had many adventures over the last decade or so throughout the country and worldwide. From Hawaii to Florida, we've shared some great memories in almost every state, and the map is littered with thousands of friends, cities, trucks, and the like that we discovered together. So now to see him find another partner in crime who can take as good of care as I have (well hopefully better care to keep him out of jail) is truly an honor. I feel like the dad who hands over his daughter, except not exactly, as John's sort of a man, and I'm WAY younger than him, ha ha. But in all seriousness, it really did bring a tear to my eye (and she actually said yes). This weekend couldn't have turned out any better even if my truck magically appeared in my garage completely finished. Well, I take that back-that might have made it better, but you get the point.

And in related news, my other good buddy and fellow Mini Truckin' employee is getting married in just under four weeks. Chris Pasley, our art director-the dude responsible for all the killer layouts in this magazine-finally found someone who can put up with him as well.

I know it's crazy, but we all did it. So you see, it can happen to a bunch of misfits, and if the three of us pulled it off, then trust me-anyone can!