Born in New Jersey in September of 1969, "Squindo" grew up on heavy doses of Saturday morning cartoons and the smells of gas and grease.

Most of his early childhood was spent with a pencil in hand, sketching anything from pets and stuffed animals to monsters and monkeys. At the age of 10 he attended his first drag race in Englishtown, New Jersey, and was instantly fascinated with the hot-rod world. From then on, he was either under a car or drawing one. Most of his school years were spent making posters for friends' bands and scribbling on desks, notebooks and drawing fake tattoos on anyone who would let him. The attempt at college wasn't good and cost too much money, and so began a run of really bad jobs. He tried his hand at roofing, floor sanding, and short-order cooking, all the while always pushing his art. Many nights were spent banging on tour bus doors or making phone calls, giving away art just to get a start somewhere. Fed up with the rat race in New Jersey, Squindo moved to the sticks of Pennsylvania in 1994. In a trailer on top of a mountain, he was able to paint and began illustrating children books written by his younger brother. Again getting the itch for something different after four years of poverty-level living, he headed back to New Jersey and worked two jobs while still doing freelance artwork. These were the years when he grew accustomed to long hours and very little sleep.

In the summer of 1999, Squindo met Lars Ulrich of Metallica and his luck began to change. Since then, he's been creating Metallica's graphics and artwork, and his name and style in the art and tattoo world have become synonymous with metal, punk, and gearhead art. He has designed album art, all sorts of merch, DVD covers, and even toys for some of the most influential bands today including: Metallica, the Misfits, Green Day, the Offspring, the Ramones, and Korn. In 2005, Squindo finally quit the daily grind again to pursue his art 100% and decided it was all or nothing. With talent on his side, he was able to overcome and has recently had the honor to be included with some of the top artists in the world to work on some incredible projects. The first was for Rossignol Skis for the company's Seven Artist Sins. Seven artists were handpicked from the U.S., Europe, and Canada to design the "Seven Deadly Sins" ski line over a seven-year period. The second was a group art show called "Rip the Ripper" for Powell-Peralta curated by Désirée Astorga at the 2009 ASR trade show, featuring 58 artist renderings of a classic Powell skate design.

Now, Squindo tattoos, makes 2D stain art, 3D sculpture art, and works on his hot rods in a secluded northeast Pennsylvania studio and log cabin home that keeps him within an eye-shot of the wife and pups. His lowbrow works have graced gallery walls from Gasoline Gallery and Gallery 1988 in L.A. to East Coast galleries like Crybaby, Kustom Kulture, East Atlanta Gallery, and even across the Atlantic in Europe. Squindo wants to thank everyone who has supported his art and give a shout out to Mini Truckin' magazine for showing his art to the rest of the world.

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