By the time this issue reaches newsstands, the dust should be settling from a highly anticipated office move that puts the print and digital staffs of Mini Truckin' magazine together under the same roof.

This is something that what we have wanted for about four years now! This change in logistics provides the opportunity for the website and magazine to be more in tune with one another and will help eliminate the natural disconnect that comes from being in completely separate offices (and cities). The website already provides the perfect place for additional pictures and behind-the-scenes glimpses that do not always make it in the magazine, as you should have noticed by now (and if not, you need to get online and sign up at and get plugged in today).

The added bonus from being in the same office is that both the print and the digital teams can now double-team photo shoots to bring you more than one view of the task at hand. You might not have ever tried to shoot both video and take pictures of a tech install at the same time, but we have. And let us be the first to admit how challenging this double tasking can be! Being in the same office should help eliminate this problem. And not only will we be able to tag-team photo shoots, but we will be more closely tied to coming up with even more new and creative web exclusives that you won't find anywhere else out there in cyberland. We will be putting our heads together much more frequently and will be able to get things in front of you in the blink of an eye. That's right, all the Mini Truckin' fun you crave monthly is at your fingertips 24/7 in a much more in-depth and rich medium presented the way that only Mini Truckin' can bring it to you! And always remember that both Mini Truckin' magazine and are put together for minitruckers BY minitruckers! So be sure to check out the website frequently for embellished versions of all your favorite magazine stories. Plus, we enjoy keeping in touch with minitruckers worldwide.

Until next time, make sure to stay plugged in and connected and we'll catch you on the next login.