This month I wanted to share an experience I recently had that really made me appreciate the friends that I've made over the years attending truck shows all over the country.

Recently I got invited to Mardi Gras in Houma, Louisiana. I had been down there before and it was a great experience that I didn't think much could top, but this year not only topped it, it blew it away.

When we arrived in Louisiana, we were picked up by Derek, a member of my Louisiana chapter and a good friend. "D," as we call him, rolled up and took us over to Zak's house, the president of No Regrets LA and the owner of the Mazda on 22s that was featured on the cover of our under-construction issue just over a year ago. When we got there, to my amazement the whole chapter was present. I thought to myself, don't any of these guys have jobs. They came to hang out and enjoy the festivities for one night and went back home to work, and some of them drove hours just to come down for one night. We ended up shutting down a bar that night, losing Big Jay from the SoCal chapter at the bar, and just having a great time overall. I ended up spending five full days away from home and enjoying the small-town atmosphere of Houma and the Mardi Gras festivities. The reason this trip stuck out in my head was because it reminded me of all the great reasons why I do this. I don't do it for the trophies, I certainly don't do it for money, but I do it for the friends and the memories. I had such a great time with these guys, and all I could think about was how all of this was possible because of our shared passion for slammin' minis to the ground.

I want to thank the entire Louisiana Chapter of No Regrets for their hospitality and good times, Zak for the place to crash, D for letting me shoot his truck, and Josh for the 1932 Louisiana plate that I added to my collection. Oh, and a big shout out to Jen for that awesome crawfish fettuccine. Thanks for the memories, guys. I look forward to making more memories with more folks across the country in the years to come.