Assorted Minis started off as just a small group of buds who wanted to create a family atmosphere for friends who shared a common hobby and passion.

When Assorted first began, it was just an idea that it would just be fun to gather together, travel to shows, and hang out. They never had a long-term plan or direction; they just wanted to enjoy their friendships and the love of minitruckin'. Now, almost 20 years later, they are known worldwide as the club that hosts one of the scene's most beloved shows. Showfest will be returning to the show circuit with a new venue this year, so we thought now would be a great time to dig a little deeper into the club known as Assorted Miniatures.

History of Club
Assorted Miniatures began back in 1992 as a handful of friends with the common interest of customizing minitrucks. It was formed by Robert Beard of Oak Grove, Louisiana. As other clubs were out to become big by adding chapters, Assorted adopted a "quality over quantity" rule and vowed to keep the club a tight knit family. Along the way they realized that there weren't enough good shows in their area, so they decided to host one of their own. Little did they know, back when they started Showfest that it would one day become the nation's biggest show and Mini Truckin's Show of the Year! Over the years, their membership has expanded to include VWs, compacts, and fullsizes, so they've shortened their identity to simply be known as Assorted.

How It All Started
Sean Burnley (now owner of BodyShot Custom Airbrush) remembers at one of his very first shows in the early '90s seeing this one club from Louisiana roll up with a bunch of really amazing trucks. It seemed like everyone just stopped what they were doing and drooled over their handiwork. Sean remembers Rob saying, "See guys, that's what we want to happen when WE show up." Whether it was ego or vanity, or just good old fashion pride, Assorted was the club that got respect in the South.

What Does the Future Hold?
Going forward, Assorted wants to rekindle and strengthen their original friendships and get back to focusing on why they started the club in the first place. They're also faced with resurrecting Showfest for the new generation of minitruckers hoping to have them experience an old-school feel from the shows in years past. Just good ol' fashioned fun with good friends, showing off their rides and no one trying to head-butt the soda machine at the hotel (ha ha).