Minitruckers are notorious for modifying everything within reach. If you're reading this magazine then clearly you know that when it comes to cutting up trucks, we know a thing or two.

But does it stop there? Of course not, we'll cut up our mail boxes, lawnmowers, mom's minivan, and sometimes even our own bodies.

In the last few years some minitruckers have been going to extreme measures to stand out as much as their trucks. Some guys have been getting some serious ink, including our editor Mr. Mike Alexander. These guys aren't just getting butterflies on their ankles either. I'm talking about full sleeves, back pieces, neck tattoos, head tattoos, and whatever other insanities they can come up with. Now getting a tattoo is one thing. Maybe you have a mom tattoo, or the name of your significant other. But the particular topic that comes to my mind is club tattoos.

Now, not all minitruckers are in a club. But for some that are, they have decided to mark themselves with their love and dedication to that club for life. I happen to be one of those individuals. Even though I myself am marked for life, I still wonder why others have done so. For me the reason was simple: I started No Regrets. I was the founder and nobody can ever take that away from me. The other thing is, the words No Regrets have deeper meaning in life-more than just a truck club. But what about those guys in different clubs. For instance my boy Shannon, from Freaks of Nature, what's going to happen when minitruckers in FON are old and gray with a tattoo that says Freaks? Or any other club name for that matter; I suppose that the argument would be when you have a tattoo it's personal and you don't really need to explain that to anybody but yourself.

A few years ago an old dude with an anchor faded on his arm was still a pretty big deal, but 20 years from now, there are going to be so many old gray- haired people with full sleeves that it's not going to be such a big deal. I still talk to a lot of people that think club tattoos are almost taboo. I think they need to lighten up. Sure, not all minitruckers wear Dickies, black shirts, or black hats. And not all minitruckers are tatted up, which is a good thing because minitruckers are great at being individuals. We're family members, members of our local church choir, guys with big pink mohawks and tongue rings. I love it! I say be yourself, and if you have a club tattoo on your neck, kudos you crazy mofo. That doesn't make you special, but it does make you pretty damn hardcore.

I don't want anybody to think I'm condoning going out and getting all tatted either. Tattoos are a personal thing that are obviously more permanent then deciding whether you're going to wear the khaki cargo shorts today or the camo ones. Like all things on the Mind of Macias, I just bring it up because it's a conversation I've had with other minitruckers and it interests me after all. What's your opinion on club tattoos? I'd like to hear it at