Aftermath is a tight-knit group of members that all have the same passion for custom vehicles. Be it cars, fullsize trucks, or minis, they are all about the quality of the vehicle AND the person.

Since day one, the club has been the same no matter how many chapters they have or will have, and vow to stay the same no matter how big they get. They all stay close and keep in touch no matter the distance between chapters. In this club every one votes on anything to do with the club, and everyone's opinions count. Since everyone's voice is heard and they value each member as an equal, this club is sure to be one of the top clubs for years to come.

History of Club:
Since 2000 the club has grown to 12 chapters throughout the world. What started out as 6 members in South Florida, quickly grew. First they chaptered all throughout the Southeast, then to Texas, and then west to California. In the last three years, they have expanded to Australia and Canada and with the club having the same goal for everyone to be equal, they will continue to expand.

How it all started:
In the summer of 2000 Aftermath was founded by Rico Rodriguez and five others in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They were all ex-members of two local clubs that came together to start something new; and Aftermath was quickly chosen for the name. The motto since day one was quality over quantity, and equality throughout. There has never been a president, just the founders, all club decisions are based on member input.

What does the future hold?
The future vows growth to more chapters around the world. They want to have members at as many shows as possible, to help support the scene, or any charity show around. Aftermath has many more badass vehicles coming this year and many more sick builds for the future. Be on the lookout as Aftermath continues to prove why they were chosen club of the year for 2009.

The Lowdown
Date Founded: 2000
Number of Chapters: 12
Total Number of Members: 100+
Main Contact: Christian,

Major Accomplishments:
The Mini Truckin' Club of the Year award might have taken nine years to achieve, but it was well worth the wait. Multiple covers of magazines throughout 2009 and growing from a small club to a worldwide club is one of their proudest achievements.

Good Times:
As with most clubs, Aftermath has a good time whenever they get together. They are a close-knit group that spends a lot of their free time together and these are always the best times.

Bad Times:
A major downer for the club has been not being able to bring back their annual show IT WON'T STOP. Having to cancel it and losing another show is nothing they wanted to have happen. Plans are to bring it back bigger and better than ever along with shows from other chapters, so be on the lookout for Aftermath shows around the country in the next couple of years.

Club's Most Important Characteristic:
In Aftermath everyone is equal and close no matter the distance from chapter to chapter. They started out as equals with six members that vote on club issues and that goal has stayed the same with 100+ members and 12 chapters. They aren't a club that has too many members that they don't know each other. Aftermath is in their words: "One Big-Ass Family."

What's it Takes to be in the Club:
If you want to petition in Aftermath it is usually up to your local chapter to decide. For the most part, just being around and hanging out at a few shows so people in the club know who you are and you get to know what they're all about.