I like to consider myself a "Professional Minitrucker" because everything in my life revolves around what I consider my way of life, and that's living the minitrucker lifestyle.

But the kind of professional minitrucker I'm talking about today is a totally different thing. You see, I'm referring to my job as a Realtor. I work in a professional field and I'm still a minitrucker day in, day out. As a matter of fact, I love driving my body-dropped truck to the office. You should see the face of the other real estate agents when I park my slammed mini next to their Mercedes. I once had my boss ask me why I brought my truck to work, so I told him I was going to show property in my "show" truck.

Some people say that building custom minitrucks is a thing for younger kids who work at McDonald's and build a minitruck because that's all they can afford. But I personally know that just isn't true. Minitruckers come from all walks of life and can do anything! They can fly jets in the Air Force, they can be Resident Engineers, and oversee huge government projects like my buddy and club member Jason Fry, they can run entire magazines, and they can own their own businesses, and more! Certainly there is nothing wrong with flipping burgers to make some money, and just having a job is a very respectable thing, but my point here is that we are out there making a living any which way we can and we still drag body every chance we get!

As a professional with a daily job, I find it kind of hard to juggle so many things at once. I don't just sell real estate, I own my own business, I work for Mini Truckin', I run a truck club, and I'm a father. Just seeing that in black and white gets my blood pressure and anxiety going. But as a minitrucker I can't let go of having a minitruck in the garage because being involved in this scene is just as rewarding if not more rewarding then earning a paycheck. I suppose my pay from the scene comes from all the friends I've made over the years.

The other thing I know is that I won't give up something I love just to fit into an image. The reality is nobody has ever come out and told me that I should give it up, but you can see it in some people's faces, and sometimes it's a mental struggle within me. I'm 32 years old now, and sometimes I question myself about my dedication to trucks and the lifestyle surrounding them. I suppose that comes with age and happens to the best of us. But the same passion I have for trucks, I also have for my work, so I'll just keep spreading that same passion to all my other activities.

I'm interested to know how you guys pay for your truck addiction. Who has the most interesting job out there? I can say that I'm a Realtor, and I own a property preservation company, that's kind of odd. I drive my minitruck to both of those jobs and I have the pictures to prove it. Send some shots or emails to mindofmacias@gmail.com, I'd love to see what people do to make that green!