Everyone has probably been there before, or heard some of the really funny, yet kind of sad marriage phrases... You know the ones I'm talking about:

"Good luck with your ball and chain."

"All men are idiots, and I married their king."

"Marriage is not a word; it's a sentence-a life sentence!"

"Marriage is a three-ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffe...ring."

"A happy marriage is a matter of give and take; the husband gives and the wife takes."

The list goes on and on. But I'm here to set the record straight and tell it like it is once and for all. If you're with someone that makes you feel like the "typical marriage" described above, then you probably already know you're with the WRONG person! I'm not trying to rub it in anyone's face, or be one of those "no one has it as good as me" people, but do you want to know how I finally know that I found the right one? As dumb as this might sound to some, we truly COMPLETE each other! All I want to do is spend my time with her and make her smile, and you know the crazy part, she really just wants the very best for me! All she wants is to make me happy, and there really is no other way to say it... I know, I know... ya, ya, ya... blah, blah, blah... but it really is that simple. She loves me for exactly who and what I am, and supports me in all I do (even the craziness surrounding building customs and working on a magazine 24/7). So, the morale of the story... once you find someone like this, don't let go!

I'm flying out to tie the knot this week and finally get a much needed vacation. Sorry to rub all this in, but man it's going to be awesome and I'm just sooooooooooo excited that I had to share it with someone... but since it's 10 p.m. New Year's Eve (at write time) no one else is here, so I thought I'd share it with YOU! Ok, enough of the exclamation marks and love talk... wait one more, I finally get to go marry my true P.I.C. (Partner In Crime)!

Wish Me Luck!