Q: You're really good friends of the Mini Truckin' magazine staff and host us on our Japan visits. What's your favorite memory from the trips? What's your worst memory?
A: How come you think I have any good memories? There are too many worst memories when you, crazy American guys are in Japan. Worst one is yes, fire extinguisher happening that you saw on Lowlife Video! Elevator in the building for my office is too small so six of us couldn't fit at once. So big mistake to leave Ernie, Mike Venegas, and Josh Freeman to come up last. We heard big noise at third floor where we were and got huge white smoke. The explosion was fire extinguisher that Ernie did in my work building! He still owes me $150 that I paid to clean up building!

Q: Do you have any pets? Don't Lie, we know the truth!
A: Yes, my two cats! I love cats very much (insert homo joke here).

Q: You Japanese guys all look really young, but you're probably what, 35 or so?
A: Yeah many of Japanese looks very young so easy to pretend I'm 35 years old. You should add 5 to 7 more years than you might think and that's the real age!

Q: What got you interested in the magazine business? When did you make the transition to custom trucks?
A: I started my career as a magazine guy in middle of '80s. First one was a motorcycle magazine for younger kids. But I gave up work as magazine guy to work as air-cooled Volkswagen mechanic. Then I once again started to work for one custom car magazine named Cal-Magazine in 1998. They covered any kind of custom cars like bugs, trucks, American cars, and lowriders so I could learn many kind of custom cars. Minitruck is my most favorite of all time since middle of '80s.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job? Favorite place you have traveled? Any regrets?
A: Most favorite part is I don't have to buy expensive air tickets to get to U.S. if I could run good coverage for my magazine. My best trip of all time is the trip to Greenville, Mississippi, where Showfest was held at, very awesome times! I never have any regrets of course!

Q: What are you most scared of?
A: Big dogs, big girls, and big boobies.

Q: Who do you look up to in the truck scene? Who are some of your inspirations and why?
A: Takuji Murayama at No Regrets is the first guy who had started to represent today's minitrucker scene to Japan. Not only did he start America's club No Regrets here, but his truck is first 5-inch body-dropped one in Japan. The other very important person to me is Shige Suganuma, president of both Mooneyes U.S.A. and Mooneyes Japan. He brought us American custom car culture. He had thrown very first car show in Japan that named Street Car Nationals in 1987. I'm sure that year was the dawn of Custom Car Culture in Japan. We all saw muscle cars, vans, trucks, lowriders, hotrods, and swapmeets there first. That show is still alive, biggest outdoor show with more than 700 vehicles and 10,000 spectators and is going on its 24th annual show this year.

Q. Finally enough of the embarrassment, thanks for being such a good sport! Any plugs and/or thank you's worth mentioning?
A: Oh, It's too hard to make such a long list of my friends whom I saw at any shows when I visit in these five years. I could spend very good times at any shows because of their great hospitality to me from friends like Mike Alexander, all of Severed Ties, Ernie, No Regrets, Mike and Lowlife Video, and many more! I'll keep attending shows as much as possible till the day I die so feel free to say hi to me anywhere you could see me. Keep on truckin', peace!