This issue is dedicated to all of the garage and shop warriors out there building some of the most innovative and ground-breaking vehicles today.

Inside you will find seven of the sickest trucks around, and they're not even done yet. Any one of them could have made the cover of this issue, but the Little Shop Rangers are truly as clean as they come! We're always partial to the Under Construction special issue, and you probably already know the reasons, as many of you are probably the same way.

Building a long-term project is a huge commitment of time, money, and sacrifice, and it takes perseverance, dedication, and more often than not, tons of help and the same amount of dedication from others (which is hard to have other people as dedicated to your project as you are). The "fun" part of most builds is the idea and fabrication/build phase, but the finish phase and all of the little things that usually go unseen is where some lose motivation (and/or time and money) to go the distance.

And it's like nails on the chalkboard to constantly hear "Is it done yet?" Which, if your friends are anything like mine, you can believe that they never let up. "So when's it gonna be finished?" STOP ASKING! Haha, but in all seriousness, instead of asking a buddy the same annoying question time and time again, try offering him a helping hand! If everyone supports each other along the way it really does make for a much more enjoyable build and can help many more people realize their dream of finishing (or almost finishing) a killer ride.

Recently a couple close friends of mine have really helped me get my priorities in line and work toward what really matters! By taking it one day at a time, and realizing that I'm only one person and can't do it all, I've been able to slow down, take a few deep breaths, and get back to enjoying the trucks, friends, and all this scene has to offer.

Max wrote about his take on under construction vehicles, and said EXACTLY what I wanted to say right down to the only real features I've ever had on my own personal vehicles are under construction ones. Since it would be mean to make Max rewrite his whole column, I bit the bullet and reworked mine (see I am a nice guy). But because Max and I share the very same view on this subject turn to pg. 88 and read all about it, TWICE just for both of our sakes.

Until next month, grab a wrench and help your buddy on his project! -L8888888888