When I first came up with an idea for this month's column, I wanted to write about the scene and where I think it will be in five years. Like any good fake reporter, I started some research and called some old friends.

Within a day or two I began to ponder other ideas and that led me to wondering about the evolution of our sport/scene/lifestyle and what tomorrow's minitrucker might be like. I look at my little brother for inspiration and wonder, If given the chance would he rather build a lowrider or drift car? Many of my buddies have kids and teenagers, and most of them don't have the same passions we did as kids. Does this mean the sport/scene/lifestyle will die off with the next generation or will it continue to evolve?

I suppose this whole thing started for me when one of my good friends, who will remain nameless, told me he had given up all hope on the "scene." To me I just couldn't believe that one of the most hardcore members of the minitruck community could just up and walk away. For a guy like this, What's next? I wondered. Is it hot rods, rat rods, customs, knitting, does it matter? I think car guys are car guys and no matter where you go people never change. Yes, minitruckers do move on, sometimes they take a different path than they started on. But I believe that there will always be those who will keep it strong for the future, whether their kids follow or not. And with those minitruckers leading the way, new people will soon follow by example.

Sure my friend is moving on, but I know that deep down inside he's still a minitrucker whether he acts like it or not. I don't think anybody actually sets out to be a minitrucker-becoming one just sort of happens. You don't wake up one morning and hit a switch in your mind and turn on the minitrucker application in your head. So I don't believe that you can just turn it off either. I do believe you can turn your back on it, and that's just sad. In the long run remember that your true friends will always answer the phone when you call and bail you out of jail when you need it. With minitrucker friends like those I know that the scene isn't going anywhere. As long as there is a truck in the world with four tires planted on the ground there will always be a minitrucker cutting it up and showing those "hot-rodders" how it's really done.

What do you think? Can minitruckers really just walk away? Will the scene die off as less manufacturers are building compact trucks? Or will we stick it out and continue to build some of the sickest rides around? Vanning died off even though they still make vans, the import scene has had a huge decline in recent years. Will minitruckin' the way we know it today make it through another 30 years? Email me your thoughts at MindofMacias@gmail.com, your email might just end up on the Mind of Macias!