SEMA 2009 has come and gone, and even though tons of people have been online talking about how small the show itself has been the last couple of years, not many have focused on the actual increase in attendance, and the number of new and innovative products coming our way!

Yes this economy is affecting all facets of the automotive industry and beyond, but this also brings about many good things. When money is tight people put a lot of thought into their purchases and research them carefully and in turn ultimately only the strong can survive. So the companies that are making innovative and quality products continue to provide customers with a positive experience that they share with their friends. And right now this is more important than ever before. If you're impressed with a product, company, or people then show your support and spread the word to help them keep making the quality products and service you would like to see and use.

Walking the SEMA Show it was obvious that vendors had to cut back this year as the halls were a little easier to navigate. But in turn, the aisles were flooded with attendees and buyers all looking for that next product that might just save their business and their clients. Attendance and foot traffic was actually up, and this is good news! The booths that offered innovative products were busier than ever, and many companies were flooded with buyers, dealers, and contacts that the aftermarket needs to survive this crunch. The buzz is out and companies are working harder than ever to earn your money. You've always had a choice on where to spend it, but in times like these, do what you can to support the automotive aftermarket and help keep all of our passions and dreams alive.

2010 is promising to shape up and bring us many new and exciting things, so stay tuned for the ones that are geared toward the compact pickup market as we continue to bring you the coolest minitrucks and lifestyle nationwide! This issue is themed around the hotrod-style trucks and the parts that it takes to build a top-notch hot-rod mini. So, keep hunting the right parts for your build and show us what you got! If you have a truck you think would make for a good read, please send pics and info to We'll see you out there! -Please Drag Thru L88888888888