Date Founded: 1988 in Simi Valley, California
Number of Chapters: 6
Total Number of Members: 32
Website: Artofnoize.com
Main Contact: Aaron at bringthenoize.com or Jim at fxdgrnd@pacbell.net.

Major Accomplishments:
Having several features in numerous magazines, throwing a great show year after year, and being a club with high morals and family values are some of the many reasons this club has been around for more than 20 years and is still going strong.

Major Contributions:
Many of their members have formed busineses that contribute to the scene. Hydroholics.net is formed by Aaron and Derek of the Arizona chapter, offering a premier brand of hydro/pneumatic suspension. TeraDream by Jim of California and Digital Sketch from Mikey of Arizona offer web design and other promotional items. Andy and Mike Day also have a fabrication shop called All Day Fab. Also, many of their members have begun to start families of their own and they hope to come up with events that can incorporate more family activities to ensure that the future generation continues to share the same passions.

Good Times:
Many of the best times they've shared together as a club reflects back to the runs, shows, and events they have attended. It's a great opportunity for all of their members to get together and hang out with other clubs as well as their own club. Since Art of Noize is a relatively small club, they don't just keep to themselves. Their friends include other clubs like No Regrets, Perfect Poise, Kastawayz, Severed Ties, and many others.

Bad Times:
On the flip side, they don't have too many bad times. Since they are strict about their member selection it's extremely rare to have any problems within the club. The only negatives they can think of are seeing members move away. While most of their distant members still keep in touch, it's always a shame they aren't part of their primary group anymore.

Clubs Most Important Characteristic:
Art of Noize is known for building some of the cleanest vehicles in the scene all while maintaining their less-is-more approach.

What It Takes to Be in the Club:
Getting into Art of Noize is actually quite simple but takes time and dedication. Since friendship is so important in AON, it is first necessary for a petitioning member to get to know everyone and make sure they fit in. They are mostly an older crowd (mid 20s to early 30s) with high morals and family values. Once the petitioning member gets to know everyone, they take a look at their vehicle. It must be at show-worthy condition and meet the AON style: classy with attention to details. As you can see by looking at their website, many of their vehicles are not highly modified, yet they still grab attention since they are a unique and desirable vehicle from the factory. If you are interested in forming a new chapter the requirements are similar, but you will need three vehicles all of which meet there criteria. One representative of the petitioning chapter must come out to either Arizona or California to meet other members. At that point the process is the same as other petitioners. They put the individual on a secret voting page off their website where all members can vote. It is mandatory that the petitioner gets 100% yes votes to be official.