Art of Noize is a small group of friends with a similar passion for high-quality show cars and trucks. While they maintain a high standard of vehicles, their first priority is to be particularly selective with their members.

They are a club, but more importantly they are close friends first and believe that by keeping people in the club with similar values, morals, and lifestyles, their bond will remain tight and the club's image will stay unchanged. They strive to maintain a classy image keeping with the motto "less is more" in their vehicle design and members. They state "that although air suspension is not nearly as cool as hydraulics, not everyone has the same taste and that diversity is what makes our club unique."

History of Club:
Back in 1988, Art of Noize was formed in Simi Valley, California, as a car audio enthusiast club (spelt Art of Noise back then). As the members started competing aggressively, they began to focus on overall aesthetics more and more. While stereos were a priority, they started to take the back seat to overall customization. Eventually "Art of Noise" became "Art of Noize" as a result of a logo created by Craig Frasier of Air Syndicate. Art of Noize that once only graced the pages of Auto Sound and Security, began to see print in Mini Truckin', Truckin', and just about every other custom magazine. With their high quality of vehicles getting greater attention, Derek Kordower, Carroll McQueen, and Chris De Francesca began an Arizona chapter influenced by the same California style the club was founded with. Ultimately the Arizona chapter was taken over by Aaron Hunt who heads up Arizona currently, while Anthony Choy serves as the overall President. In the recent years AON has expanded into Nevada, Texas, Ohio. and Illinois as members move and new chapters are formed.

Art of Noize began throwing Bring the Noize car show in Southern California in 2001. The show gained great notoriety and eventually Toys R Us car club was brought in to assist with the show. With the experience of one show under their belt, the Arizona chapter also started up a second Bring the Noize car show. This show quickly grew into one of the West Coast's best shows with fun activities and a great venue. While the California show no longer takes place, the Arizona version is at the height of its popularity, as there are so few shows to satisfy the large Arizona minitruckin' community.

What does the future hold?
As the club progresses they plan to maintain the same level of quality over quantity and will continue to give back to the minitruckin' community with shows, events, and plenty of sick new rides.