Date Founded: 1988
Number of Chapters: 2
Total Number of Members: 40
Website: Downtoearthday.com
Main Contact: Chris Couto, dte2108@yahoo.com

Major Accomplishments:
Being around for 21 years as a family-oriented club, many magazine features, and covers including Mini Truckin' and others. Chris Couto's 1963 Chevy was even featured on the TV show My Classic Car on the Speed channel.

Major Contributions:
Down To Earth has contributed years of pushing the scene forward with their lowest club on earth approach. Their rides have pushed this motto to the limit and then continue to push past that point. In their community they support their local shelters collecting canned goods and help keep their roads super smooth by dragging them flat.

Good Times:
Anytime DTE shows up somewhere they are always having a good time. They have been to many truck runs and shows together, broken down together, and yes crashed into each other, but they have always made the best of any situation and had fun with it. Their 20-year anniversary party was a great time with current members and anyone else who has ever been a part of the club, and even had some special guest appearances from members and friends who have helped their club and our sport.

Bad Times:
In 1998 a petitioning member, Mike Langham, passed away in a motorcycle accident on the night of his vote-in meeting. It was a sad time but his dad stepped up and finished his truck and rolled with Down To Earth in his memory.

Club's Most Important Characteristic:
That's easy: to be the lowest club on Earth.

What It Takes
Even though the requirements or standards change over the years, they mostly stick to the original rules. It used to be no primer, but now patina or flats can be acceptable if done correctly. It always was and always will be a rule that wheels must tuck and obviously they want to be the lowest, and you must have adjustable suspension. At point of vote-in DTE requires the owner to drag the crap out of their ride just to make sure that they're "Down To Earth."