For over 20 years, Down To Earth (or DTE) has been hitting the scene strong sporting some of the lowest, sickest vehicles in the So Cal scene and beyond.

Down To Earth isn't just the name of a club; for them its a way of life. Not only do they have some of the most down to Earth attitudes around, but they are also known for building their trucks as close to Earth as possible. If you're not willing to drag off a couple of reflectors in front of this club then they're probably not the club for you. So kick back and check out what makes this club so unique. For more information, contact Chris at or check out their new show at

History of Club:
Down To Earth has a long history of being the "lowest club on Earth". They've always been one step ahead and set the new standard of low in the scene every chance they get. With the help of IF Customs, Louis Marton built the first stock-floored body-dropped fullsize Chevy truck, and then true to the DTE motto they had to go lower by chopping and sectioning this fullsize so low that it soon became mistaken for a minitruck. With rides like Chris Couto's old-school Chevy that was one of the first all-metal trucks sportin' the show-stopping work of Bob Grant, and Josh's Rail It Customs Toyota who graced our cover with his chopped and doored Toyota, these guys really know how to set trends. From cover trucks to minitruck-inspired cars, their club has grown with members that bring some of the lowest vehicles on Earth to the scene time and time again.

How it all started:
Down To Earth began in 1988 and like most clubs they started as a few guys that weren't happy with the clubs they found themselves in so they left and started their own club. DTE started as a small tight-knit group of people with a few trucks meeting at Round Table Pizza in Burbank, California. Their common goal was to be the lowest club around and they have held true to that motto more than twenty years later. By 1996 they had moved to Canyon Country and also had chapters in Burbank, Reseda, and Bakersfield. The club grew and shrank over the years and like most clubs going through the '90s they also went through the import car scene and DTE embraced some of those minitruck-inspired cars that were lower than the rest. DTE stepped up with John Salmon's Civic, which was one of the first cars to be featured in Mini Truckin' magazine. And today they're still doing the same thing as the original members in 1988: building super-low vehicles, hanging out, talking crap to each other, and having a good time doing just that.

What does the future hold?
The future of DTE is looking bright as they are planning to host their first event on April 24th, 2010, which promises to become a definite must-attend event on the West Coast. They want to continue to build this scene so that future generations can enjoy it just as we are now.