Well, I guess this isn't exactly a re-introduction column, since I never really technically left.

Yeah, it's true, I wasn't the associate editor for a while, as I had to step down in order to pursue some other goals of mine like opening a shop. Now that we have the shop (Abstract Kustoms) up and running, I can return to one of my other big passions and write for this very magazine again.

In these rough economic times I decided to step in and help my good friends Mike Alexander and Chris Pasley out before they went nuts trying to run this whole magazine by themselves. Not only do I have my column back, but you can expect to see me from time to time at local shows and traveling nationwide once again. I pulled the old Canon 20D out of the closet and dusted it off. These tough economic times mean that we all have to do whatever we can to put food on the table for our families, and many of us have found ourselves working more than one job to get by and I am no different.

In the time since I left I built High School Mini which many of you saw on the cover a few months back. So I've still been plenty busy doing the whole "minitrucker lifestyle" thing. I also blew up STK TRUK-that's right the project many of you followed along for almost a year, now resides in my garage with a blown motor. I wish I had the extra money to get it back on the road, and hopefully I will sometime this year. Like many of you, I can only do so much to my trucks right now, and unfortunately I ran out of money that I can throw at that truck this year. I wish that I was like Mike and bought a new project every year, or should I say took apart a new truck every year. Oh yeah, that reminds me, everybody should write some hate mail to Mike about how badly they want to see him finish at least one project while he's still the boss at Mini Truckin' or even sometime while he's still breathing. I can't be the only one turning out finished projects around here.

Keep an eye out for me at more shows this year, as I'll be out on the prowl helpin' fill the pages of your favorite magazine. You will see me with my camera in hand and ready to shoot some features, shows, and zones- you name it-if it's cool, I'll be shooting it. And have no fear, you can now find me here once again spilling my guts about what's on the Mind of Macias.