Each and every year you read about all of the horrible SEMA deadlines and endless builds that we find ourselves in.

You might ask yourselves the very same question that all of us continue to ask: "If it's such a pain in the @$$ then why do you keep doing these builds year after year?" The answer normally seems rather simple; we do these crazy builds fueled by our favorite choice of energy drinks and coffee, not just for recognition from the custom marketplace, but for the friendships and relationships that we've built over the years. At least for me, the people are more important than the actual metal canvas that we use to bring our ideas to life.

So with only a couple months' time left, Bobby from Sadistic Iron Werks and I fill every single weekend thrashing on Project Low Lux to try and make the SEMA Show. The hardest part of this crazy project, besides for the fact that everything is built from scratch, is that the only time we really have to work on the truck is on the weekends. Having to put the magazine out with the ever increasing workload leaves very little free time to work on the growing project list, and leaves me tired, grumpy, and not as good of sport as I usually am about even the most pressing situations.

But at write time there is light at the end of the tunnel, and even though both SEMA and West Coast Nationals will have come and gone by the time you read this, we are still working feverishly around the clock to try and get Low Lux out to the battlefield to contend with all of the premium debut builds for 2010. So, do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, I'll try and cushion the blow with the good news first. So far Bobby's kicking some major butt with the ground-up chassis build, so that's looking really good. The bad news is that trying to go a little crazy on the body doesn't leave much time to put it all back together, so the body just might have to sit this show out... Only time will tell, but here's a few sneak peeks to keep your mouth watering for more! Bob Grant and the Grant Kustoms crew have been working overtime and have hand-built new bedsides from scratch, but I won't spoil too much as we will be bringing you the buildup in an upcoming issue. Until then, wish us luck! Until next month, please Drag Thru. - L888888888888