Brandon Burrell - MT Freelancer
Relaxed Atmosphere

They have made a big impression at all the shows I've attended in 2008. They seem to be coming out with not only new rides, but cover quality rides that are top notch every single year.

Josh Fleetwood - MT Freelancer
Definite Obsessions

My vote goes to Definite Obsessions. They may not be one of the largest clubs that is in the scene but they really contribute to the minitruckin' world. I can honestly say I saw them at every show I was at this year from the biggest 3-day truck runs to the smallest of the one-day hot rod shows. Also they put on a great show called Sparks in the Ozarks, and all the proceeds go to help a great cause.

Phil Fowler - MT Freelancer
Grounded For Life

Each Year when I am asked this question I think how do you pick who was the best club of the year? Is it the number and quality of rides or the number of features and covers? I'm going to go with how much you support the scene! Grounded for Life does just that, they are at all the shows no matter how big or small. They come out in big numbers, taking club participation at just about every event. Not to mention, they have a bunch of sweet rides! This club is made up of a bunch of great guys that would help you out in a minute if you were in a jam. As far as rides go, trust me and stay tuned to the pages of MT, as they have some sweet trucks coming up! Be sure to check out and give these guys some props.

Jennie Hendrex - MT Freelancer

Another one of those clubs you can't escape! They are literally everywhere and with two killer shows in their line-up each year (Southeast Showdown and the infamous East Coast Bowling Nationals), they have a lot on their plates and still manage to kick out some of the nicest rides in the scene. Add all that in with them being some of the coolest guys and gals you will ever meet and you have one killer club.

John Jackson - MT Freelancer
Driveway Works

I always seem to wind up voting for the little guys, and this year is no exception. I have always been impressed with the combined efforts of the Lowkey/Driveway Werks guys. With only a couple of chapters they have rolled out some of the best trucks lately. Look for more out of them in 2010.


This year's Truck of the Year is a tie being awarded to both Jamey Tiffany and his amazingly detailed D-50 and Atsushi Mori's one-of-a-kind Toyota Hilux from Japan. This year's votes were tough and both of these trucks are the perfect examples of minitrucks pushing the limits of customization worldwide.

Show of the Year for 2009 is also another tie! Both West Coast Nationals and Tex Mex were big hits in 2009 and came out swinging big as two river runs that have the attention of show-goers nationwide. We look forward to seeing what 2010 holds.

Each year the club vote is so tough that this is the one category that some of our staff finds themselves not wanting to cast a vote. It's not just how many features or covers you get, it's not just about the quality or number of rides a club has, everyone votes for a club that really stood out in their minds for different reasons. And this year having a cover truck and plenty of sick feature trucks along with a great attitude, Aftermath is the newest club to earn the Club of the Year trophy. Congrats guys, looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table the next few years as we hear rumors of some pretty big plans!