Atsushi Mori's 1996 Toyota Hilux
Johnny O - MT Freelancer
December 2009 Cover Truck: Surgery

It's amazing that some of the best vehicles of all time get built during a worldwide recession, and sometimes you need to search worldwide to find a winner. My vote has to go to the Outer Limits Toyota from Japan. This truck gave me a hard on when it was still in primer and now that it's covered from nose to tail with flawless double-stacked flames, I'll never need Viagra again.

Robby Hohlt's 2002 Chevy Blazer
Brandon Burrell - MT Freelancer
August 2009 Cover Truck: Red Hot Blazer

With all of the different high-end trucks out there this year it was hard to pick only one. I chose Robby Hohlt's 2002 Chevy Blazer. This truck was cover-worthy from the first time I laid eyes on it. It is the complete package with every inch of the truck customized.

Josh Rousseau's 1993 Toyota Pickup
Josh Fleetwood - MT Freelancer
June 2009 Cover: Rail it

Gnarly is the only word that comes to mind when looking at Josh's Toyota. The amount of craftsmanship in this truck is incredible. From the chop top to the custom-made intake, there is so much work done to it and at a mere 42 inches tall, it is just awesome. Then to have to re-do almost half of the truck just before the shoot because he got rear-ended is another story that shows his dedication.

Jamey Tiffany's 1988 Dodge D-50
Phil Fowler - MT Freelancer
April 2009 Cover Truck: Live For This

I have waited for quite some time for this thing to be done! I've been watching the build for awhile and Jamey didn't disappoint with the final product. This truck is super clean and it's got it all. Jamey added a lot of really cool stuff like the roof rack, the gas door in the extra cab, and the body line in the back of the bed. He made this truck stand out and each show you saw a little more until he unleashed the final product, and all I can say is WOW!

Gunner Bailey's 1997 Toyota Tacoma
Jennie Hendrex - MT Freelancer
September 2009 Cover Truck: Extreme Taco

Who is surprised that I voted for another Toyota? Nobody should be as I am a self-proclaimed Toyota fan and this one is incredible! Just clean as hell from front to back and everywhere in between. I only wish two things: 1. This guy lived on the East Coast and 2. That he left the keys in it! Beautiful truck for sure-I would drive the wheels off of it!

Jamey Tiffany's 1988 Dodge D-50
John Jackson - MT Freelancer
April 2009 Cover Truck: Live For This

Getting to travel all over this year not only shooting minitruck events but also hot rod and bike events has given me a new-found appreciation to the detail it takes to build a show-stopping minitruck. This year only one truck comes to mind when you mention attention to detail, and that's why my vote goes to Jamie Tiffany from Driveway Werks.