Mike Alexander - MT Editor

Bob Hase should be a household name by now. As receipient of our MT Hall of Fame award and show promoter extraordinaire, Bob has done more for our scene than most combined. This year marked Sunset's thirty-year anniversary and their very first MT cover truck. Not only is Sunset making a huge splash in the scene with new vehicle builds, Bob and his Sunset crew brought back one of the most memorable river runs of all time. West Coast Nationals is a premier event and we hope it will be around for years to come along with the entire Sunset crew.

Chris Pasley - MT Art Director

Aftermath has been slowly gaining force as a crew to be reckoned with, and this year with Jevon's Blue Ranger landing a cover spot on MT they have made their mark permanently. They bring quality rides and are definitely a club to keep an eye on!

Chad Cooper - Staff Editor
Relaxed Atmosphere

Wow this is a hard one as so many clubs deserve this for so many things. But for me it comes down to what club made the biggest impact on the scene in the year. I know before I even say it, yes Relaxed Atmosphere has been club of the year before but they came out this year with three shows Relaxing in So Cal, Relaxin at the Rock, and of course the All Star Event. Every year they push their impact in the scene a little more with new shows and of course new amazing rides that never fail to impress. I can't wait to see what they have in the works for next year.

Ernie Macias - Staff Editor
Sittin' Pretti

This year my pick for club of the year goes to Sittin' Pretti, a club with deep roots in the minitruck scene. This North West club not only has some of the cleanest trucks on the Left Coast, but they also are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. And who can forget the fact that they put on the North West's biggest one-day show, Summer Slam.

Ben Da Pirate - Staff Editor

My pick for club of the year is Aftermath. Their dedication to the minitruckin' world has definitely shown this year with all the super clean rides they've been pumping out, not to mention the sick cover truck Ranger. They are definitely proving their status as one of the Nation's finest clubs

Johnny O - MT Freelancer

Different contributors will vote on this several different ways. I vote based on the amount of feature and cover trucks that hit the magazines each year, and without a doubt this year's winner is Aftermath. Covers and features that scream quality, not just quantity.

Brandon Burrell - MT Freelancer
Relaxed Atmosphere

They have made a big impression at all the shows I've attended in 2008. They seem to be coming out with not only new rides, but cover quality rides that are top notch every single year.