The 2009 magazine year marked only one full year after Mini Truckin' magazine's 20-year Anniversary, yet it seems like 100 years looking at the evolution of the trucks coming our way.

With some amazing cover shoots celebrating some of the best trucks ever built, 2009 was one of our best years yet. But that's how it goes every year; we only get better with age! This year Colorado Custom built the killer trophies awarding each winner with a steering wheel that they could bolt up to their rides to show off their accomplishments. To see more of Colorado Customs' steering wheel line, visit


Atsushi Mori's 1996 Toyota Hilux
Mike Alexander - MT Editor
December 2009 Cover Truck: Surgery

Even though there were a ton of amazing trucks built this year, I find myself staring at the amazing December 2009 cover hanging on my wall. Being a huge Toyota fan and drooling over this Toyota build from Japan. Atsushi Mori's 1996 Toyota Hilux is one of the most amazing Toyotas ever built! I'm constantly battling my own inner demons fighting the clean, detailed, and simple side with the no-holds-barred, crazy supper-modded side, and I think this truck really conveys the perfect balance of both. There are so many insane mods, but the classy artwork of Fudemae covers the exterior with the perfect flow that make all these mods work together. The clean detail work throughout the suspension, motor, and interior force me to add this rolling work of art to the short list of my favorite trucks of all time.

Takashi Yashiki's 1996 Nissan Hardbody
Chris Pasley - MT Art Director
December 2009 Feature Truck: Final Destination

It was another great year for top-notch minitrucks such as Jamey Tiffany's super clean D-50 earlier this year, Robby Holt's wicked Blazer, and many others. But nothing in my eyes can come close to Frank's 1996 Nissan Hardbody. Japan shows up fashionably late in our December issue to steal my vote away with its immaculate detail, clean lines, and overall killer appearance.

Atsushi Mori's 1996 Toyota Hilux
Chad Cooper - Staff Editor
December 2009 Cover Truck: Surgery

This blue Toyota from Japan has a ton of sheetmetal work and is truly amazing! It captured the clean and simple look with an elegance and style that could only be considered modern-day art. This is one truck that I really want to see in person and it has my vote for Truck of the Year.

Jamey Tiffany's 1988 Dodge D-50
Ernie Macias - Staff Editor
April 2009 Cover Truck: Live For This

For me, the truck of the year is easily Jamie's D-50. And no, not just because it's the next best thing to a Mitsubishi, but also because I know first hand how much work goes into building one of these things. I've seen Jamey's truck come a long way in a few years and he is very deserving of the honors of Truck of the Year.

Jeremy Rice's 1987 Mazda B2200
Ben Da Pirate - Staff Editor
August 2009 Feature Truck: Mr. Clean

My pick was a tough one, but I'm going with Jeremy's 1987 Mazda B2000. It has everything I look for in a mini: wow factor, cleanliness, and detail to the hilt! "Mr. Clean" proved that you don't need to be super flashy to gain all the attention.