The Lowdown
Date Founded: 1989
Number of Chapters: 1
Total Number of Members: 13

Main Contact: Shawn Altermott at

Major Accomplishments:
Being around for 20 years strong as a family-oriented club, they have had ten magazine features including the cover of Mini Truckin'. They have been hosting Summer Slam for the last 16 years as one of the biggest and longest running shows in the Northwest. Sittin' Pretti has always been willing to help out fellow clubs and minitruckers anytime, anywhere! For example, on our way to their show a few years back, we blew a tire on the trailer, and of course we had no spare (freakin' minitruckers). So limping the truck and trailer off the I-5 Hwy we found a closed Les Schwab Tire Center. Knowing Shawn worked at Les Schwab we called to tell him that they were closed and we wouldn't be able to make the show in time. From a state away he got someone to come open the store, sell and install a tire, and help get us back on the road in no time. Summer Slam is worth the trip every single year, and with a family club like Sittin' Pretti hosting such a great event, it's definitely one not to miss!

Major Contributions:
Sittin' Pretti is a huge influence in defining the Northwest as a major player in the minitruck scene. They're a positive influence in their local community as a partner of the Boys and Girls Club, and every year they donate proceeds from their show to help out. In 2008, they donated over $3,000 to the Boys and Girls Club, helping kids in need.

Good Times:
Everytime they go to a show or an event together it is always a great time. Seeing fellow minitruckers at their show having a good time is the main reason they continue to through their show. Having multiple features from multiple members is a great source of pride. Especially considering Sittin' Pretti is a small family club with only one chapter.

Bad Times:
Every year at Summer Slam Sittin' Pretti honors a fellow minitrucker who passed away, presenting a have a trophy in his name. The Chad Gaskins "Never Too Low" award is given away every year to one vehicle that they believe he would have chosen as his favorite. I have had the honor of receiving this trophy with my truck and out of every trophy I have on my shelf this one means the most to me. Another tough time for the club was trekking down to Forbidden Fantasy a few years ago they hit snow and ice, got lost on the Matterhorn (Shawn says you had to be there to understand) just to show up in time for the show. Then after driving the 36 hours to make it down they had to turn around just to pass through the same bad weather to make the 36-hour trek back.

Club's Most Important Characteristic:
Their logo has been the same for 18 years, members can change the color but not the style. They are very proud of their logo, as everyone that has one knows how long and how many hoops they have to go through to get it and keep it.

What's it Take?
You must have a clean ride. No pre-owned vehicles. This means that you can't go buy a finished truck and pledge in their club. You must completely re-do it to make it your own. They try to innovate, not imitate.

Member/Pledge Requirements:
1. Attend eight consecutive meetings or club functions. (i.e. BBQs, car washes, or any event that has at least 5 current logo'd members.
2. After eight meetings a preliminary vote will be taken. The preliminary vote is a vote on your personality and attitude. It has no bearing on your vehicle.
3. If accepted, the member has all the privileges of membership except the full club logo. Membership dues are required at this time. The new member is able to vote on club decisions and receive a chrome SP oval.
4. If vote is denied, you may continue to attend meetings and functions and there will be a re-vote every four weeks.
5. After acceptance of preliminary vote there will be a 3-month probation period.
6. Upon completion of the probation period, there will be a final vote. This vote is based on vehicle and attitude. If accepted, the new member is now eligible to receive a logo.
7. Sittin' Pretti reserves the right as a club to terminate your pledge at any time or membership if it feels as a club you have violated member guidelines.
8. Member/plege must always maintain a clean ride.