We had a total of 44 builders sign up for the Minitruckinweb.com 2009 Scale Model Build Contest, Round 2, held March 11-May 11, 2009.

Although only 13 builders completed their models, 19 participated but were unable to meet the deadline, and 12 weren't able to start. Entrants for Round 2 were allotted two months time to build the scale model vehicle(s) of their choice and post progress weekly via the Mini Truckin' forums. Although the finished models varied in style, detail, and fabrication, they all were the results of many hours of hard work. Of the 13 builders who completed their models, the Top 5 (in no particular order) plus a Runner-Up were announced on Minitruckinweb.com. Special thanks to Rick from Scale Dreams for continuing to offer 20% off to Round 2 builders, and for rewarding the top finishers! Stay tuned for Round 3 coming your way soon.

Owner: Aaron Buck
Ride: 2001 Dodge Dakota

Wheels/Tires: 24x9.5 Nitrous/Tires 265/25/24
Chassis Mods: Complete custom frame
Suspension: Four-link rear, tubular arms
Shaved: Doors, hood, headlights, taillights
Body Mods: Body-dropped, uni-body, custom front end/bumper, raised hood, sheetmetal bed
Paint: House of Kolor custom two-tone with tribal graphics and fire, custom-mixed cinnalime and many orange and yellows, pinstripe in neon green
Interior: Custom seats, dash, floor
Engine: Chromed out, block painted body color, custom intake
Special Thanks: Mini Truckin' for having the contest!
Quote: Another forum member - "Man, I just can't get over how good your model looks."

"Calvin"(California Vintage)
Owner: Daniel Mcgough
Ride: Volkswagen Micro Bus & Custom Trailer

Wheels/Tires: Porsche alloys
Suspension: 'Bagged
Accessories: Roof racks, ladder racks
Interior: Full
Special Thanks: Wife Karla for taking the pictures
Quote: "Growing up in Southern California everybody drove a VW before getting involved in minitruckin'; they just went hand in hand..."

"Dad's Box"
Owner: Daniel Mcgough
Ride: 2000 Chevy Astro Van

Wheels/Tires: Tuckin' 22-inch Gio rims
Shaved: Door handles, rear handles, antenna
Body Mods: Relocated license plate holder, rear roll pan
Interior: Color-matched inserts, various color-matched dash and molding pieces
Quote: "This build was modeled after a minitruckin' dad driving around a family cruiser with all the amenities."