Q. You must be at your shop 24/7 to be putting out all that killer work. How do you juggle everything and keep your girl happy?
A: Ha, you're asking the wrong person! We do 70+ hour weeks at the shop so there's not much time for me to get into trouble anymore. Thank God I have Kimmie to run my life outside of the shop or I'd be lost.

Q. Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to TV? Like are you watching soap operas or The Real Housewives or heaven forbid, Daisy of Love?
A: I don't get home till late at night and we usually watch The Real House Wives, or Rock or Flavor of Whatever and Steven Colbert. Yeah I know...

Q. Do you have a sweet tooth?
A: Yup you got me, I absolutely love candy and anything my mama cooks.

Q. We know you have worked in a few shops in your day; can you share with us some of your greatest shop memories?
A: Yeah I have a few, like the time we got in a water balloon fight and somehow I tripped and wound up shattering my wrist and it still doesn't work right to this day!

Q. We heard you got beat with your own shoe once when you picked a fight with "Big Ern"?
A: Haha, well as I can recall I was wrestling with good friend Scott Childress in a hotel room in Florida many years ago and I was suddenly and viciously attacked by Big Ernie from behind. We got into yet another one of our infamous fights. After a few minutes of fun I was thrown through a closet and was being beat in the face with my shoe, so yes this happened. But I think we all learned something very special that night, "Camber ain't no bitch!"

Q. What is your personal opinion on the current state of the scene with us losing so many shows lately? Why do you think that is?
A: I think that our scene has lost touch with the younger kids and that's were it all begins! I think everybody needs to go back to just building fun trucks that you can use and enjoy and stop trying to have the biggest and baddest never -ending project out there. (Hint hint - Mike!)

Q. Well apparently in the past you never wore underwear but now you do. Can you tell us the pros and cons of going commando?
A: This all started years ago when our home burnt to the ground and I lost all my clothes as well as underwear. After that I just kinda got used to it. The pros are its cheaper and not as much laundry, but the cons are that damn zipper! I do wear them again, so don't come up and ask me to show you my underwear at the shows.

Q. We hear you love the wine in a box. What could possibly be the appeal of such a thing?
A: Dude, I don't know who told you that but I hate wine in a box. Matter of fact I hate wine, just ask Kimmie!