From the cover to every single feature, department, and pretty much every page in this issue you will find an upgrade.

Our art director, Chris Pasley, worked day and night on a redesign to freshen up the magazine inside and out just in time for this special art issue. Each and every page of this magazine is "art" in its own right, and we take great pride in making every page the best we can both creatively and visually. We were going to wait and unveil these changes in our January 2010 issue (next issue) to start 2010 with a fresh new look, but we just couldn't wait any longer.

This special art issue features some of the baddest international trucks ever built, and they truly are works of art. So what exactly is art? Well, the best thing about art is that it really is in the eye of the beholder. Just like the taste and individual style of our custom vehicles, art can be just as diverse. I personally enjoy tons of different styles and mediums of art just like my taste of custom vehicles is fairly eclectic. But there is an artist that has really caught our eye over the past few years and his work is truly amazing. What better way to start off our Artist Profiles then with the Japan artist and designer of this month's cover truck's paintjob. Fudemae is a world-renowned artist and has worked with many topnotch companies including Tribal Gear. You can flip right to page 28 and read all about this amazing artist and his work, or you can continue to listen to my pointless ramblings about art.

Bad choice, I would have flipped ahead if I were you, haha! Oh well, now I can bore you with my personal take on art. Tattoos, paintings, custom vehicles, writing, photography, music, and fabrication all share many similarities and differences alike. But they are all a form of expression. Art is a form of creative expression, and as such it relates more to what we do with our vehicles than many people have probably ever thought about. Art is all around us, and to the custom crowd it is more apparent as we express our styles and taste through the buildup of our vehicles. Like I've talked about before, my love for art is mocked by a complete lack of artistic ability. I can't draw a circle to save my life, but I can envision the craziest suspension setups ever built in my head. I can't paint, draw, sing, play music, tattoo, or do anything of the sort, but I truly love it all. This curse forced me down a path to pick up a camera and focus my creative thoughts and vision through a lens. Photography has given me a little bit of an artistic outlet for my creative side, but it still doesn't fully quench my thirst. Lately, most of my creative efforts have come in the form of putting out this magazine each and every month and making it a different, interesting, and unique piece while still maintaining a consistent look and feel. You really would be surprised at the amount of behind- the-scenes work that it takes to accomplish this. But above and beyond the magazine I channel some of my creative energy into my neverending projects. That's right; I think I've finally come to terms with the reason why I can't ever seem to finish a vehicle. Beyond the lack of time and money, I think that I would almost be saddened by not having something to imagine or perfect in some way. I almost always prefer a "garage day" dreaming up the next cool mod on my ride than a "show day" polishing wheels and paint. I know I'm not the only one who this affliction affects, but I do seem to bite off more than I can chew more often then not.

But enough of the vehicular ADD rambling. Back to the topic at hand-art. Max Fish recently built a piece of "art" to add to my collection out of a Toyota radiator as Toyota's seem to be my drug of choice. This piece shows how simple and effective mixed media art can be. By pairing an old junk Toyota radiator with a simple painted mount makes the perfect art piece to spice up my garage art collection. Either way, even though I gave it a valiant effort, after 850 words I am still unable to ultimately define what art is. I will continue to try for the rest of my life as art is a piece of who I am, and true art is all around us. So take the time to appreciate the next gorgeous sunset, or the old beat-down gas station you pass on the highway, you really won't be disappointed. And if I confused you more then I did help, turn to page 76 where Max also rambled on about art but probably did a better job at explaining it than I did. Until next time –L8888888888888