Let's talk about a club that we've all heard about, seen around, or had a beer or ten with. Freaks of nature have always been the "freaks" in the scene.

They are generally the pierced, tattooed, dyed, loud-mouthed, strange-vehicled, and strange-behaving group of friends and family who share a common bond. Their support of the scene is evident at any run or show as they come from coast to coast in droves and they take home quite a few Club Participation trophies throughout the year. What started with a few "Freaks" in Vegas has grown to be one of the biggest clubs in the world in just over 13 years. With 43 chapters and 342 members around the United States, Canada, Australia, and even a solo member who shipped his truck to Portugal, these lifestyle minitruckers are here to stay. They are always hanging out and welcome everyone with open arms to party with them and talk minitrucks or just tell stories with friends around the fire. Like many of the clubs that have been around for awhile, Freaks of Nature have been through their highs and lows. With the loss of friends and family, through it all they have always remained a family with old-school minitruckin roots. Though not every member drives a minitruck, they all consider themselves minitruckers and do everything they can to support our scene.

History of Club:
Shannon Van Der Aa had an idea that clubs could be done differently and hopefully better. He wanted to provide a place where good friends could make great memories and be a part of something fun. With that idea and a few good friends, what started as a few soon grew into a family of lifestyle minitruckers nationwide.

How It All Started:
Shannon moved to Vegas from the East Coast scene and was looking for a place where he fit in. He never really found a club that fit his unique style and outlook. So with the help of Corey Lewis, he started what has become one of the most recognized minitruck-based clubs around. Over the years and with the help of members like Whiz, Fat Jap, Jason, and Cindy, they are stronger than ever and growing day by day.

What Does The Future Hold?
The Freaks of Nature future can best be described as a growing tree with branches spreading out across the world. They're growing worldwide to find fellow minitruckers; fellow Freaks of Nature-minitruckers that are dedicated to this lifestyle and family.