A couple of months Back I wrote about a little change here at MT headquarters. At first it was a daunting task being the ONLY editor here in the office, editing every single story, picking every single photo, etc. but I quickly had a few good dedicated people come to the rescue. Now, they may look like a bunch of misfits, but trust me, they are real minitruckers! They've each been chosen for a different reason and for their unique skill sets, outlooks, and personalities. So without further ado, meet your new and improved Department Editors!

I already introduced Ben Da Pirate in my last column, but since then we've had the addition of the two other Department Editors. The three of them will be like our own little MT Three Musketeers, "All for one and one for all!" (As cheesy as this may sound, it's true, so don't laugh) These three have committed their time and efforts to ensure that we continue to put out the very best magazine we can each and every month! They will also be manning the minitruckinweb.com website to get your info, pics, and opinions. So again, please join me in welcoming the newest members to our crew. If you see them around, invite them over for a beverage or two and share your thoughts, stories, and trucks with them!

Until next time - L8888888888