When you look back through the last 20 years of Mini Truckin' magazine's history you will likely stumble across a name that has been around a little bit longer. We put together this special issue to celebrate California Mini-truck Dismantlers thirty-year anniversary-that's right thirty years!

Every time we step foot through the Cal Mini doors it's like going to an amusement park (Max even wrote about this in his Maximized story on pg. 84) because there's always something new and exciting to see or find. It's not a "pick-a-part" yard because they have a full in-house inventory control system that keeps them ahead of the game. Every time they receive a truck it is immediately dismantled (unless it's in decent shape) and every nut and bolt is inventoried. This ensures that you can call at anytime and they know right away if they have what you're looking for. And if they don't, they can generally get it for you. Back to the complete vehicles, they have a ton of GREAT project trucks just waiting for an eager builder and some vision. Anything from old and rare, to new with just a little fender damage, you can find it at Cal Mini.

One thing that really sets Cal Mini-trucks apart from your everyday wrecking yard is their full service installation department. They only install parts they sell, but that lets them offer another thing most yards can't match: a warranty. Another thing that keeps them ahead of the curve is their international relationships. The owner of Mooneyes and other Japanese shops visit Cal Mini in search of much needed Datsun and Toyota parts to send back to Japan. Cal Mini also ships containers to Norway, Dubai, Egypt, and Hawaii (truck beds mostly as they don't have wrecking yards on the islands). With their international recognition they continue to grow and serve the minitruck community both here and abroad. Not only do they stock and sell over a million used parts, but they also offer tons of new aftermarket and performance parts along with a complete engine shop for Toyota motors and drivetrains.

Cal Mini-truck Dismantlers has served our community for the last thirty years, and we look forward to thirty more years of the best parts, prices, and people you could ask for. The old guys are still kicking butt and are back at it again. So, here's to you Cal Mini, thanks for everything you do, keep up the great work!

History of Cal Mini
Here's a little history lesson for you that very few people know: Prior to opening it's doors in 1978, Ron Wehby purchased an undeveloped parcel from his father, "Pops" Wehby, in what was once Pomona (which eventually became the city of Montclair in the late 1980s). The shop opened up next door to Allstate Auto Wrecking, which was around since the late 1940s. Cal Mini's very first "office" utilized a 1953 Dodge milk truck that was abandoned on the empty property. To get the company rolling, Ron's first auction purchase to begin stocking the yard from scratch was three Datusn 620s, a 521, and three Toyota Hilux pickups. His business goal was to cater solely to the untapped minitruck market, which back in the late 1970s the local yards frowned upon. Marshall Cardenas was the front-man in developing Ron's dream. The first fifteen years Marshall and Ron worked side-by-side developing a minitruck mecca they could both be proud of, and now Marshall has returned (after all of his lottery money ran out) to the Cal Mini dream team. Today they have created a family oriented empire with two acres stacked four tiers high of over 3,500 minitrucks and parts galore. Ron had one goal in mind over the last thirty years, and with the help of his dedicated team they have remained true to their roots by offering the best parts, service, and minitruck knowledge to many different industries. They deal with everything from stock/OEM, lowered, lifted, desert, rock crawlers, you name it and they can do it; ALL THINGS MINITRUCK.

Shop Lowdown
Shop Name: California Mini-Truck Dismantlers
Owner: Ron Wehby
Employee Names and Position:
* Ron Wehby: Owner/Operator
* Marshall Cardenas: Store Manager/General Guru
* Bill Bonus: Senior Driver/30 years and still going
* Mike Tolmer: Head of Wholesale Division/40+ Years In The Industry
* Nick Wehby: VP/Racing Division
* Manny Martinez: Yard Foreman/Toyota Master Mechanic
* Rosendo Cornejo: Toyota Parts Specialist
* Victor Conejo: IT/Inventory Control
* Fernando Martinez: Parts/Yard Organization
* Carlos Esquivel: Parts/Yard Organization
* Marleen Federico: Accountant
* "Pops" Wehby: Story Teller Extraordinaire/Master of the One-liners

Website: Calminitruck.com
Phone Number: (909) 622-1381
Address: 4002 State Street, Montclair, CA, 91763

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