Our web producer, Monica Thompson, recently posed a great question in our blog section on Minitruckinweb.com. She asked "Is minitruckin' a hobby, sport, or a lifestyle?"

Well, this got me to thinking, which is always fairly dangerous to begin with, haha. But, I thought I would share my thoughts and opinions on this question.

So, which is it? Hobby, sport, or lifestyle? Well, let's start with the Websterdefinitions of all three.

* Hobby by definition is: A pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.

* Sport by definition is: To amuse oneself; physical activity engaged in for pleasure or competition.

* Lifestyle by definition is: The typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture.

For those of us who consider minitruckin' a hobby (something you do outside of your regular job for relaxation) I would probably classify this label as "part-time" minitrucker status. There is NOTHING wrong with this classification, as you probably go to a few shows, work on your truck when you can, and generally enjoy the minitruckin' scene and those around it. But, I for one can't call it MY HOBBY, as it's not something I do on a "part-time" basis. Not only is it my passion, but it's also my job 24/7. Sometimes it's also NOT all that relaxing either, haha! So, unlike collecting baseball cards or painting model cars, most people think of minitruckin' as much more than just a part-time hobby.

For those who consider minitruckin' a sport (something you do for pleasure or competition), I would probably classify this label as "show/competitor" minitrucker status. This label is more for the minitruckers out there that pride themselves in the competitive part of the sport. They work on their trucks to compete on the show field, and they take joy in building something unique to win trophies at shows. There is nothing wrong with this classification either. Even if you won't admit it, WE ALL enjoy the healthy competition of minitruckin' and don't mind when we win a trophy here or there. But, if this is all you're in it for, you're probably missing the bigger pictur

The last definition hits home for me. For those who consider minitruckin' a lifestyle (a way of life), you receive the "full-time" minitrucker label. These are the die-hard, rain or shine minitruckers. Many of us, eat, sleep, and breathe minitruckin'. Yes, I am fortunate enough to do this 24/7 as my career, but I also would consider anybody out there who dedicates a large portion of his time to work on his truck, go to shows, and help out other minitruckers, true lifestyle minitruckers.

The greatest thing about this scene is that we have a great mix of all of these different types of minitruckers who all contribute to what we do in their own unique way. And like I've said before, NONE of them is better than another, just different people all enjoying the same thing in their own way. Don't get all caught up with labels or stereotypes, just do YOUR thing and have fun! Don't let anyone tell you that "If you're not a lifestyle minitrucker, you don't belong..." Just get out there and meet other people who share your passion and enjoy it together. After all, that's what it's all about-enjoying our trucks, but more importantly, enjoying friends who share a common passion.

Until next month,L88888888888