Q. Can you tell us why you are often referred to as Matt "I cherish your friendship" Baker?
A: The first week that I left California I ended up at Carlisle and a bunch of great friends were there. I was a little messed up in the head that week because of leaving my family in California. A little drink sometimes makes the emotions come out. I'm just glad I had friends there to point this out... bunch of punks!

Q. What is your most memorable experience while working for Bob Grant?
A: The day he asked me to work for him. After that watching him do what he does is amazing. Also seeing him putting others first really shows a lot about his character.

Q. Why did you have a completely pink room in your California home?
A: My daughter wanted a pink bathroom so she got it. If you've been in it you probably wished you had sunglasses on.

Q. Have you ever been to a "furry convention"?
A: Haha, yeah there was this one time! But really a couple of years ago Johnny O and I were flying to Scrapin' the Smokies. I happened to land first so I had a couple hours to kill, so I ventured out to find a hotel to have a drink and relax to kill some time. Well I'm sitting there and all of a sudden I see these "furries" start wandering around. Didn't know what to think at the time until a hotel worker told me what was going on. So as soon as I picked up John I told him he had to see this. After we got there, next thing we knew three hours had gone by so we took some pictures and headed out to the show. I have to say I've had some good times over the years!

Q. Finally, the plugs...anything you want to promote?
Just wanted to thank some people that have been supportive: my wife and daughter, all my boys in Severed Ties for making the transition easier, Bob Grant, Jason and Katee, Johnny O, Da Boss, Poop, Ricky, Oliver, Link, Kerry, Bobby the creep, RJ, Tom Hall, and El Presidente.