Hard Luck of the Month
The owner of this truck is Brian Bates, 17-year-old high school student. On February 10th, '09, Brian was on his way to work. He pulled out from his road and a reckless driver came flying around the corner. The driver had a suspended license, no insurance, a baby in the back seat, and it wasn't even her car. The lady also fled the scene, therefore, making it a hit and run. If it weren't for the eye witnesses tracking her down, she would not have come back at all. Without even an attempt to slow down, she plowed right into the center of Brian's tailgate and his truck skid off into the ditch on the complete opposite side of the road. After hitting the ditch his truck started to barrel-roll. Brian says he does not recall how many times he flipped, or even what side of the truck had flipped. Eyewitnesses stated that the truck flipped a total of two times.

So, to ease the pain and suffering, we're going to hook him up with a one-year membership to the FBI Brushed Club and also a mystery gift from FBI.

If you, or someone you know, has had something terrible happen to a minitruck, and you have high-resolution pictures (no camera phone pics, please) we would like to see them. Send your submissions to galen.armenta@sorc.com, or to Hard Luck of the Month c/o Mini Truckin', 2400 E. Katella Ave. ste 1100 Anaheim, CA, 92806.

MT Tattoos
Kustomz Ink Klothing is our sponsor of the infamous MT Ink section. We figured it made a good pair! Be sure to visit kustomzink.com for the latest on custom gear. This month we show you a collection of ink from the guys and girls over at KIK, enjoy.

Tattoos have become more popular in the minitruckin' community around the world. This once rebellious act is starting to become mainstream, they are not just for bikers or ex-cons anymore. These days, they don't just show it on their trucks, they show it on their bodies, as well. Keep sending the pics to Galen.armenta@sorc.com.

Rendering Of The Month
Mike Alexander decided to jump head first into yet another Toyota build. As usual, all he has to show for it is a kickass rendering from Surface Art. However, he is making some definite headway on this 1972 "Low Lux" so stay tuned for the progress and build.

MT Juniors of the Month
This month, we have a great assortment of cute kids doing what they do best: looking cute. It's hard to imagine the goofy guys at shows polishing their wheels were once this cute ... what happened?