So I've found myself in an interesting situation this month, actually for about the last year and a half or so.

Even though I am self employed I still have to answer to someone at the end of each month. His name is Mike Alexander, you might have heard of him here and there. He is pretty easy to deal with from my standpoint because his expectations of me are to write 600 words by a specific date each month and the subject matter is generally pretty loose, but this month he has requested that I write about a specific topic to go with this months' issue. This specified subject would seem pretty straightforward at first, in fact I even talked to Ernie Macias about it and he immediately said "that would be easy," but then his tune changed right away when he remembered who it was that has to write the article. By now I'm sure that you're all done listening to my lead-in story and just want to know what the topic is, well too bad. I am going to squeeze in another sentence or two before giving it up that easily...tick-tock, tick-tock. Alright, I'm done wasting paper, ink, and your precious toilet time. Mike asked me to write about 10 "must-haves" to go with the "back to basics" theme of this issue.

Now how the heck am I supposed to do that? I'm probably the last guy you call for a "basic" anything. My idea of a "basic" 'bag job consists of a custom-built four-link! So what am I supposed to tell you to help you out with your budget build?

It hasn't always been that way though. I can still remember de-arching leaf springs, installing a set of 4-inch lowering blocks and mounting a 'bag directly over the axle or even building several reverse four-links that I fight so diligently to keep people from using today. So what happened to the old ways of Bio Kustumz? The only excuse I have is that I am truly a geek. My overwhelming need to build things as right as possible has forced me to eat, sleep, and breathe suspension design in order to make my suspensions as proper as I feel they can be. I do miss the old days of staying up late to bang out two trucks in one week in much the same way as you might miss being a crazy troublemaker when you were younger (you might even be going through that phase still and for those that are, you'll probably grow out of it in a few years but until then you'll just have to take my word for it). Sure you miss it, you probably don't even regret it, but I don't think that most of you would want to go back to doing any of it again. I feel that it is a necessary progression for life, but hey, that's just my personal opinion.

So what do I think the top 10 things to not forget when building a "back to basics" vehicle? I don't. From a technical standpoint, there is very little to concern yourself with. This type of project is pretty self-descriptive "back to basics" with an emphasis on the word BASIC. What I would like to point out is that the single most important part of a basic build is fun! A basic build will never be a show stopper or a "one-upper" so the mentality of going crazy should definitely not be there and that leaves a whole lot more room for the fun part. If you're not having fun with your basic build then you are doing it all wrong.

In conclusion, I have nothing to say except "Sorry Mike, I told you I couldn't do it and that my Mom is going to be so sad that I failed at mediocrity."

Till next month!

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