Coming from the magazine that is pretty much the cornerstone of crazy- crazy mods, crazy paint, crazy stereo, crazy trucks-we too also realize the need for the basic necessities that have made mini truckin' what it is today!

That's the exact motivation that made us decide to put a static-dropped truck on the cover reminiscent of the early nineties. There hasn't been a static dropped truck since early 1998, more than a decade ago. Back then you could build a truck with your buddies over the week and cruise to the river to show it on the weekends. Everything was a little more carefree, fun, and more importantly, considering the rough times, A LOT cheaper!

So this month we bring you a tribute to the "good ol' days" with a $3,500 cover truck, that is slammed, cool, and daily driven! We've also realized that there is a place in the show scene, a place in this very magazine, and a place in OUR OWN garages for these killer static dropped daily drivers, and we really hope to be seeing more of them pop up coast to coast.

Ernie Macias built this months cover story exactly the way he wanted, to resemble the truck he drove in high school. But more importantly, he built it to give us all a little smack back to reality to show that it doesn't have to be a $50,000 cover truck to be cool. You have to just build what you like with your friends and have fun. Ernie is just an example of the 10s of thousands of minitruckers out there who are still finding the time and little bit of spare change to enjoy what they love. To top it off, Ernie promised his little brother that if he maintains a 3.0 GPA that he will give him the truck to cruise to high school and keep the minitruckin' spirit alive and growing through the generations. Check out the cover feature story for all the details, and enjoy these past cover pics showing off the "good ol' days"

Let's all band together through these times, no more hating on the truck that doesn't quite lay out, or the kid that can't afford paint yet. Rather let's encourage the next generation that it doesn't take big wallets to do what we do, it just takes big hearts, and friends who enjoy the same!