We've all talked about and heard the chatter of the infamous "cover truck curse" but what exactly does that mean? Is there really a curse?

What happens to all the insanely modified cover trucks after their 15 minutes of fame? Do they all get sold off and trashed by their new owners?

This story will answer some of these questions and shed some light on what's become of some of our most famous recent cover trucks. No, of course there is no such thing as an actual cover truck curse, but it sure does seem that way for some of the unfortunate owners that have had their pride and joy wrecked, stolen, or sold and destroyed. It's sad to see any of this happen to such gorgeous trucks and good people, but it is part of life, and let's face it, not everyone wants to keep their trucks stored in a time bubble away from harm for the next twenty years. Some people want to enjoy their trucks while they can, and if they have to sell them, then it really is up to the new owner what they want to do with their new truck, no matter how sad or terrible it might be. So sit back and grab a few cold ones, because after seeing some of these images you might have nightmares about what could happen to your truck out there in the harsh, cruel world.

The Blazerado
The Blazerado is probably one of the most famous builds in recent history, and as such also is one of the most famous curse stories. While the origin of the owners and crash remain a mystery, what can be said is that both the truck towing the Blazerado, and the Blazerado on the trailer rolled and more than totaled the truck! These pics show the brutal aftermath of the crash. Thank God everyone was OK, and the Blazerado even saw a resurrection build here in these pages.

Joel "Grommit" Sadenwasser has also had to suffer as a result of his cover truck being totaled. However, Joel's positive attitude has led him to a complete rebuild with new tricks up his sleeve. Joel was actually driving home from a photo shoot when he got rear ended out of nowhere! His entire bed was crushed and pushed into the back cab wall, but it doesn't stop there. Joel's bad luck led to his insurance check being stolen by his previous painter forcing Joel to start all over from scratch on his own. But nothing can get Joel down; be on the lookout for his complete rebuild in these very pages coming your way soon!

Rail It
Josh Rousseau from Rail It Customs happens to be the owner and builder of this issue's cover truck, and the very reason we decided to write this story in this issue! We had a studio shoot scheduled for Josh and his '93 Toyota and days before the shoot Josh was out driving his truck, since he did in fact build it to drive it, but low and behold he also got smashed into. Something about Toyotas and the rearend accidents seems to be a recurring theme. We ended up pushing the cover shoot back and Josh and his buddies busted ass to get his truck in even better shape than before. And as you can see from the feature, they did an amazing job with what time they had to rebuild.

It's not always a totaled or lost cause that can throw a damper in things. Sometimes it's just enough to make you mad and get you back in the garage eager for some new mods. For Kyle, a driveway accident that dented and creased his tailgate, was enough motivation to get him back in the garage and rebuild his bridge and 'bag setup just in time for the Tex Mex show.

Burnt Taco
You might not recognize the Tacoma in the pictures, but in its glory days it belonged to now Sport Truck Editor Mike Finnegan, and was dubbed Burnt Taco. Yes, this is what could possibly happen if you sell your truck. You no longer have any say in its fate, no matter how bad it just might get. Does Mike wish he kept his truck? Of course! But what's done is done, so hopefully the new owner might just surprise us and find a way of turning this bent and twisted metal, into another twisted cover truck.

The Graveyard
The Graveyard, AKA "The Construction Zone Curse" refers to sick construction zone trucks that are never completed This can happen to the best of us, and I'm hoping that it does not happen to my Toyota! The story behind these crazy construction zone trucks goes something like this. It takes quite a lot of time and money to stay ahead of the trends and build a truck that is so wild and ahead of its time that it gets the notice of the nation, along with the big magazines. But quite often, owners run out of either time or money, and their truck slowly becomes a thing of the past. Many trucks catch up to their once wild and crazy mods, and the owner finds it hard to keep motivated. So let this serve as both a warning, and a motivator: DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! What I'm going to do to ensure this doesn't happen to me, is set some realistic and attainable goals and slowly work on seeing my Toyota through to the finish line. So take our advice, and plan ahead, save up, work hard, and don't give up! Someday your truck might just be the next truck that we write about for years to come.