Hard Luck Of The Month
The Spike Truck from Little Shop of Horrors had gotten a large amount of water in the gas tank from sitting on the trailer during a monsoon the night they were returning from the Powerblock TV studios. He was draining the tank of the water/fuel mix when a small Leprechaun came by and lit a cigarette too close to the bucket. They went through four fire extinguishers and then called the Fire Department who happens to be next door, which is a good thing because it didn't take long for all of this to happen. In addition, no, the truck's value was not insured so this was no scam. So now, they're making the Leprechaun help them rebuild it for an MT cover to compete for Truck of the Year.

So, to ease the pain and suffering, we are going to hook them up with a one-year membership to the FBI Brushed Club and also a mystery gift from FBI.

If you, or someone you know, has had something terrible happen to a minitruck, and you have high-resolution pictures (no camera phone pics, please) we would like to see them. Email galen.armenta@sorc.com, or send to Hard Luck of the Month c/o Mini Truckin', 2400 E. Katella Ave. Ste. 1100 Anaheim, CA, 92806.

MT Tattoos
Tattoos are rapidly becoming more popular in the minitruckin' community around the world. This once rebellious act is starting to become mainstream, and aren't just for bikers or ex-cons anymore. These days, they don't just show it on their trucks, they show it on their bodies, as well. Keep sending in the pics to Galen.armenta@sorc.com.

Kustomz Ink Klothing is our sponsor of the infamous MT Ink section. We figured it made a good pair. Be sure to check out KIKstore.com for the latest on custom gear.

Caption Of The Month
Back in the December '08 issue we asked you, our readers, to put on your thinking caps and massage your funny bone to come up with some creative captions for the photo of the two bikini contest girls. We had many submissions but unfortunately we could only choose one. So, check out the winning caption and be on the look out for future caption contests.

Winning Caption
"Damn! Max Fish is giving a pop quiz? Tension vs. Compression? Single sheer, double sheer? Ugghhhhhh!" -- Mark Closes

MT Rendering
Eye Kandy Designs has a new graphic designer, Bill Denham, who has been hard at work. He's been polishing up on his vehicle rendering skills and sent us this conception of a full custom S-10. As you can see, the owner has some cool mods planed for the Dime including the Trail Blazer front clip and the huge billet wheels.

Garage Of The Month
This month's garage belongs to Chad Silvy from Down Under. It contains over 3,500 car magazines and over 200 trophies from my truck. The bar is always open with two beers on tap. Chad we are definitely jealous of your garage. So, you want to help build ours?