Yeah, it's pretty much a given that some people just do not learn... and when it comes to trucks, projects, and getting in way over my head, that's definitely the case for me!

I seem to be wise beyond my age about most things in life as I've lived more lives than most people twice my age. But not when it comes to trucks! They lure me in and tempt me to tear into them, and no matter how hard I resist I seem to fall short and end up prey to yet another project.

Well by now, you can probably see where this is going... but what I haven't told you yet is the crazy timeline me and my crazy group of misfits that I assembled for the task at hand. So here it is: at write time the Forbidden Fantasy show is less than four weeks away and the virgin '72 Hilux that lured me in happens to be completely stock and needing some major love. Some people, like my buddy Ernie Macias prefer the classic look of this little truck, and would urge me to just cut the floor out and lay it on the ground but keep it completely stock. While, I like that look also, I just can't seem to leave well enough alone, so this plan has snowballed into a full custom frame bumper to bumper by Bobby at Sadistic Iron Werks. As if that wasn't enough to tackle in the few weeks we have left, my boys Jamey Jordan and Brian "Lost Cause" Walker have come to the rescue and will be flying out for three weeks of intense body mods, and sparks flying trying to get the body modified and sprayed before the show.

To some, this madness may seem stupid and impossible, but to the likes of the names mentioned, this is what we live for! Lowlife Mike and Ernie will even be on hand helping film the madness and cut and grind in between as we spend the next few weeks tackling yet another seemingly impossible task. Why, you may ask? Is it to bring out a new body-dropped truck to help my club compete and regain the Lowest Club award? Yes! It's also because no matter how hard I try, I just can't leave well enough alone...and who can blame me? With a group of friends as committed and crazy as I am, we just might make it happen! Wait and see, and check out for all the updates as we race against the clock...yet again!-L8888888888888