This year we kicked around a bunch of cool ideas to give our readers some fun things to do on both our website,, and in the magazine.

If you checked out last month's preview we showed you some of the cool models that were built for our website competition. Well this month we're announcing the winners and featuring the First, Second, and Third place models. These are the winners for Round 1 of the build-off, so if you think you have what it takes and want to get in on the fun, then check out for details on Round 2. The participants were judged on three areas; the quality of the build and update photos on the website forums, the overall quality of the actual build, and the people's votes (you spoke and we listened). With no further ado, here are the winners.

Trent Goodwin built two amazingly detailed models with patience and precision and since both builds are top notch and the pictures and updates were amazing quality, Trent received the first place honors with both builds (since we couldn't pick just one!). His updates and photos were excellent, and the diversity in both builds shows that Trent is truly a model master! Trent wins First Place and will be competing in the finals along with the first place winners of Round 2 and 3. He also wins a special package from along with this feature showcasing all his hard work!

Trent Goodwin
"Perfect Nemisis"
'04 Dodge Dakota
First Place

Trent's Dakota features a custom-made frame from aluminum tubing with a custom cantilever setup using 'bags on top of the frame, with a two-link below. For body mods, Trent cut out the doors and built suicide hinges, handbuilt the firewall, wiper cowl, and cut out the hood and made suicide hood hinges. The door handles were shaved along with the tailgate, roll pan, taillights, and gas door. The inside of the bed was molded using wheel tubes, molded plastic, and body filler. The door jams where also hand built and transmission tunnel was tubbed. The interior was built using a Viper dash, and custom center console using speakers and amp from Scale Dreams. The seats are from a Toyota 4-Runner model and black carpet was installed. To finish it all off Trent painted the Dakota Metallic Silver, with a two-toned Lime Metallic Green. Check out his forum on titled Trent Goodwin "Perfect Nemisis" Dodge Dakota Sport.

Trent Goodwin
"Perfect Nemisis"
'04 Chevy S-10
First Place

For Trent's other build he decided to build a replica of Little Shop's Spike Truck. He began with the frame by C-notching the rear and built spikes and support bars to match the Spike Truck. The rearend was shortened and a bag-over-axel setup and four-link was built to replicate the suspension of the Spike Truck. The body was treated to a host of mods including; shaving the bedside body molding, taillights, tailgate, roll pan, and gas door. The inside of the bed was molded to match and the front bed wall was cut out. The cab was shaved, including the door handles, mirrors, wiper cowl and rear cab wall. Trent also cut the door out and built a door jam and hinge system to allow the door to open, and he cut a 1/2-inch out of the interior bucket, aka model body drop. The interior was also replicated including a custom-built dash out of Bondo that was cut and sanded to match. An older model kit's bench seat was used to make a replica of the Spike Truck's seat. To finish it all off it was painted to match with Gloss Black and Silver accents. Check out his forum on titled Trent Goodwin "Perfect Nemisis" ''94 GMC.

Matt Cooper
'93 Chevy S-10
Second Place

Matt Cooper built one of the cleanest models we've ever laid eyes on. His '93 S-10 features 18-inch Eagle Alloy wheels, full custom air suspension, two ViAir 450 compressors, chrome upper control arms, three-inch body-drop, five-gallon chrome air tank, 10-gallon hard-lined fuel cell, custom back half and four-link, and shaved everything including the cab wall. The paint is Electric Current Red and the detailed interior features a '64 Impala dash, '65 Impala bucket seats, and Billet Specialties steering wheel. Even the motor is dressed up with chrome goodies and paint. Matt's win is much deserved considering he was forced to post from his girlfriend's computer; and he spent "30 bucks for a model just to use the wheels." This truck is super-clean and simply beautiful, complete with a studio photo shoot upon completition. Well done Matt!

Michael Bale
'95 Chevy S-10
Third Place

Michael Bale's '95 Chevy S-10 is about 98-percent custom. The only parts used from the kit are the cab, the doors, the bed sides, and the tailgate. Everything else was either custom-made or kit modified. Some of the modifications include a custom intake for the z28 motor, sub box console, a skull shifter, 'bags front and rear, and clear air lines. He also built a custom stand for it. Check out his forum on titled Michael Bale's "S-Tensive" '95 Chevy S-10.

Runner Up
Josh Smith built some of the most creative and wildly modified models of the contest, and he was also brave enough to build two rides in the amount of time given. Tons of points were awarded for creativity and heavy mods so Josh was a very close Runner Up (no pun intended!).

Josh Smith
"Floor Runner"
'91 4-Runner

Josh listed a ton of mods for his Floor Runner build including; a full styrene square tube frame, Supra IRS with a cantilever rear setup, a fuel cell, custom control arms, and a turbo Supra engine. Outside everything is fully shaved, a custom rollpan, Supra tails, butterfly rear doors, sunroof, smooth belly, and a molded tilt frontend. Inside Josh added Recaro seats, Bentley carpet, two 15-inch subs, a roll- cage with NOS bottle and suspended amps, custom-made console and dash, righthand drive, and bones and fossils scattered around. The wheels are 20x81/2 in the front and 22x10 outback with painted inserts and custom-built rear lips, and the paint is a Periwinkle base with pink and purple pearl. Check out his forum on titled Josh Smith's "Floor Runner" '91 4-Runner Model Build.

Josh Smith
"Nickel & Dime"
'94 GMC S-15

Josh was one of the contestants that built two models. His other creation is this Sonoma that is fully shaved with custom grille and bumper inserts, scooped hood, Escalade tails, 4-Runner rear bumper, stock glass chop-top, smooth belly, new floors, firewall, and inner bed. The suspension is a full chassis, and a parallel four-link with wishbone, hydro setup using two pumps. The motor is a 615ci motor stuffed into a dime! The interior uses '65 Mustang seats, '02 Mustang dash, and Alligator skin floor and doors. The paint is about 12 colors of craziness, and Josh says that this model was built using a few famous minitrucks as inspiration including; The Time Machine, Side Show, Wrapped With Envy, and Ballistic, all combined with what his idea of a mini going for the Riddler award would look like. Check out his forum on titled Josh Smith's "Nickel and Dime" '94 GMC S-15.