When you spend countless hours with the same three people everyday, you end up with more inside jokes than you can keep track of and for whatever reason many of our jokes are somehow related to the English language and its slang counterparts. For instance, we speculate that the word retard originated in the late 1700s when tar and feathering a person would be used as a punishment and if that person were to be stupid enough to require a re-tarring then that person would then be known as being a retard. These are of course just things that we come up with to pass the time. There are some words that I am very curious where they came from and why they are still used.

One word in particular is an ongoing battle in my house, sherbert (yes I'm talking about rainbow sherbert ice cream). I wish those of you who call it sherbert could see the squiggly red line that Microsoft Word is placing under the word sherbert because it doesn't recognize it. It's not sherbert, it's actually sherbet! (no squiggly red line under that one). There is only one 'r' in sherbet, but 95% of the English speaking world still call it sherbert? I want to know who started it and most importantly, why are we still saying it? We have all graduated from hambooger to hamburger, so why does sherbert have such a stronghold on us? Sorry, that's a sore one for me and yes Sandi, I'm talking to you!

Here's one that has been "created" recently, texted (pronounced tex-ted). What is texted? Microsoft doesn't seem to have a problem with it, being that there isn't the red line under it. Maybe the pronunciation of texted is the issue I have with it. "I texted you, earlier" sounds like a little kid that just expressed that he drinked some milk. Potato/potto I guess. Maybe you folks can help me with this one though, it's not a text word, but it's along the same lines... pwned. I see it on the inter-web all the time. I understand that it means "owned" but why has a simple misspelling caught on so strongly? There are even derivatives of pwned being used and that means that we have fully accepted the word and are now expanding on it. I'm not even going to start with how much is wrong with the texting language that has been created and the slight against God that is being committed every day by people that insist on actually speaking in this absurd text language in public. If you are going to text in acronyms and shorthand, fine, but why someone would speak it is absolutely mind-boggling to me. It's up there with why Crocks are so popular.

I think that geographically based slang is pretty interesting too. When we went up to the Fresno show last year, I couldn't help but notice that many of the locals used the word "hella." It's not a sporadically used word either, the people of NorCal seemed to have had a meeting about its use and all agreed to use the word as much as possible in hopes that the world will embrace it as well. In fact, hella has ingrained itself so much in their everyday banter that a PG version of the word has been developed... hecka. Once again I ask... Where did it come from and why is it still being used?

People will always try to be different (just like everyone else) but I really do wonder where words like these come from and how much better would my life have been if I only knew how to be smexi?