I know it probably gets just as tiring reading about things a couple months after they've happened as it does writing them. But, what can you do right?

I'm not a psychic, nor will I pretend to write you guys a Happy New Year column four months in advance while my mind is still in show season mode. So this is going to have to do! Haha if you want some more real-time info make sure to check out our website minitruckinweb.com and sign up today.

So, back to what I was saying, Happy New Year everyone! I hope that '09 brings us a healthy and prosperous year, as we look ahead to 2010. How are we even going to say that when the time gets here? Right now we say "O-eight and O-nine" so when 2010 gets here are we going to just say "Ten" or "Twenty Ten"? Who knows, but it is getting rather scary with the time flying by so quickly and everything changing around us. This year and the coming year have been increasingly difficult for us all with the slow economy, housing crisis, etc. Companies are downsizing and will continue to downsize and restructure well into 2010. But rather than worrying about all the what-ifs and what might happen, we all need to focus our collective efforts on things that matter to us all, like this magazine!

No, I'm not saying that everyone needs to go out and buy twenty copies of each issue for us to keep our jobs. What I am saying is that rather than just snatching up your buddies copy or browsing it on the stands, do your best to buy a copy. Not for the sake of any of our jobs, although I do like my job haha, but for the sake of continuing what we all love. We were all chatting the other day and it came up that many mags have shutdown and what are we going to do to make sure our little brothers and kids will be able to enjoy this magazine and lifestyle the way we have. We all reminisced to the young days of day dreaming and sketching trucks on our school binders and how that really did keep us from getting into trouble and gave us something to work for at a young age. My goal is to make sure that my kids and your kids have that same chance! I know that hobbies come and go, and as life gets more hectic it is harder to find the time to do what you once enjoyed, but let's all do our best to make sure that we support the shows and the magazines so we can ensure our kids get the same chances we had. Please don't take this as a last ditch effort to save this magazine because that's not the case, nor is it a sales pitch. It is simply just me speaking from the heart to all the minitruckers out there that love this sport as much as I do. Keep your heads up, 2009 has much in store!-Please Drag Thru